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Are Any Of You Taking Spironolactone?

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I have my first derm appt set up for Tuesday.

Everyone in my familys been on accutane, besides for me.

I can not deal with my greasy skin anymore. Its not a matter of skincare routine, this is definitely internal and genetic.

How hard is it to be prescribed spiro? How quickly from your derm visit were you able to start taking spiro? What was the process of starting spiro like (I hear Ill need blood tests.......)

Not really sure what to expect or what to say to my derm. Would love some insight.

Thank you.

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Mod comment - I'm fine with leaving this topic in this forum, but thought I'd suggest you check out the hormonal acne forum too. There's usually a few spiro threads there.

I haven't tried spiro but it's on my list of things to still try if other things don't work for my acne / oily skin. In my experience though, my doctors have been reluctant to prescribe spiro when I've asked about it in the past. When I've mentioned it they haven't really been open to the idea and wanted me to exhaust other options (like trying different birth control pills) first and then maybe spiro could be something to consider. But that's just my experience. I know there have been people around here who haven't had issues getting sprio.

Hopefully someone else can help you out a bit more!

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I tried getting spiro for my tane but was denied by 3 different Dr

(in my area/Northern NJ...i dont know if the Dr arent educated but it seems to be a fairly new drug to treat hormonal acne)

Anyway the 4th Dr rec a low dose short course or tane

Her approach was taking tane for 6 mnths was better than spiro long term (and messing with hormones)

I was a little shocked!

BUT if u are interested in tane

i would def call around to local derms and ask over the phone if its a drug the Dr is familiar with and prescribes regularly



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