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Hi everyone,

I signed up just to make this post and share this small "miracle". I recently (almost exactly a month ago) started applying vitamin A topically. I read about people having success with taking it orally but am very weary about vitamin megadosing and don't want to risk any kinds of toxicity, so I decided to buy vitamin A gel caps, cut them open, and apply the liquid to my face every night before bed. It isn't very oily at all so you won't ruin your bedding. I am happy to say I have had great and immediate results. My acne is hormonal, I always flare up during pms and around the lower parts of my face. Once I get a blemish it can last for a month or even two, mine heal very very slowly and red marks and dark spots take forever to go away (same with cuts and bruises). Even when I am blemish free I always have a lot of red marks. I noticed a difference in the few existing blemishes I had within a few days and my skin overall within a week, especially with the pores on my nose. Like I said, it has almost been a month now and almost all of my redness, some spots that I have had for months, is gone. I'm not using any other topical treatments and currently have my period and only got one very minor blemish on my jawline (typically I get 2-4 pretty large ones). My skin really looks great; clear and soft, something I haven't seen in a while. I know things work differently for everything, but this may be worth trying since vitamin A is affordable and should be harmless for your skin.

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