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Benzol With Salicylic Acid/sulfur?

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So I've had acne since the start of school, it didn't really make me less confident or such however it was painful and disgusting. I could feel it like maggots on my face and back. But anyways, I got antibiotics they worked but I don't want superbugs so I stopped. I got salicylic pads right after I stopped and the acne was better than before antibiotics however it was still "bad". I've used bp as spot treatment and they reduced the time to heal by half, and was wondering if I could use salicylic acid in the morning and then bp over the affected areas (not as spot) would that work? Will they interfere? I might change SA with sulfur, any thoughts?

Oh BTW, does going to sleep before 11 actually affect acne?

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The most desirable time to sleep is before 11 pm to 4 in the morning. It is during this time that the stress glands and adrenals of your body that discharges cortisol will recover. This is also the time where the cell is actively reproducing. Staying late would take you the opportunity to recover those lost cortisol that is a very important hormone for the skin.

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I personally would use only one medication—benzoyl peroxide. I've never experimented with the combination of the two (or even just with SA), so I'm not sure if this would work. However you might want to try. If this combination does work for you, you won't have to suffer from the extreme drying effect of BP.

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