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Apple Cider Vinegar Toner - Last Resort - Age 26

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I'm new to this site so I've also created a blog with this information that I'm going to be updating each day due to the gallery feature. I'd really like to control my acne more effectively and also help someone else while doing it so I'm posting it in two places mostly because I'm not sure exactly where it needs to go.

***Blog*** ***

I am 26 years old and, since the age of 12, I have had acne. My acne has gone through different stages as I've gotten older... from mild to severe... back to mild... back to severe etc.

Skip down to the bottom if you'd like just the regimen and would rather not read much

What I've tried :rolleyes:

I've been to several hoping that they could "cure" my acne. These individuals took one look at me and prescribed antibiotics. Most appointments would last 10 minutes and I'd be out with a piece of paper and some scribbled signature of hope. I would visit every six months and be put on a whole new antibiotic with the promise that my face would "cure" itself once I became an adult and that this was just a temporary solution to get me there. Not all doctors responded this way... I saw one dermatologist who created her own (expensive) topical regimen which did not work. I saw another that put me on Accutane which worked but after 6 months my sugar had reached dangerous levels and I had to be removed from the pill. I gave up on dermatologists after becoming old enough to understand that being on antibiotics for so long was not good for my body.

Topical Medications:
I tried proactive for a while and it would work for a little but then I'd have to cancel my subscription after about 8 months because it would completely stop working for me. I'd resubscribe about 3 months later and start all over. I also tried Retin A and a few other creams like it. Mostly, they just dried out my skin to the point that I couldn't open up my mouth without some peeling issue (bleeding and pain). Yes, I did cut back and used a lotion my doctor recommended but what we found was that my skin just didn't react well to this form of treatment. I also tried all the different "common" store bought acne creams, washes, scrubs etc but nothing worked in that realm.

After getting away from Accutane and antibiotics, I tried vitamins. I went through different variations of supplements. I purchased a book on acne and tried recommendations from it and from the internet. I still take Vitamin C, Garlic and Vitamin D. Why did I stop everything else that was also supposed to help? Because it wasn't helping and it was just costing me money. Trust me, I did 6 month trials of different options out there. I don't quit after two weeks of zero results. I'm a determined individual. I've also tried different birth controls but they broke out my face so much I had a woman ask me once "What happened to your face? Did you burn it?" It wasn't so much the questions but the horrified way she said it. I haven't been on birth control since.

Random & odd topical:
I tried A&D ointment, rubbing alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, lemon juice, tree tea oil, garlic, Manuka honey, aloe vera, baking soda, tooth paste, and the list goes on and on.

Other options:
I've done several fasts to try to clear my body of toxins. 3 day apple detox and such like it with no positive results. I've tried going vegetarian, and vegan as well. I even tried starving myself of everything but water as a desperate option. I've tried meditation, cleaning the house like a mad woman, walking etc to ease stress. I've also tried doing nothing and hoping for the best... didn't help.

What I'm doing now and what this topic is about :cool:

I'm telling you all this because I want you to know you're not alone before I start. I want you to see what I've done and what I've been through. I've been doing this for 14 years. No, I don't like taking pictures. No, I don't like social situations. Yes, my life has been stunted by this problem. Yes, I cry about it occasionally. Yes, I wish I could just be free and "normal"... whatever that means.

Today, I eat purely Paleo and so avoid wheat and dairy. That has helped. It's not done away with it completely. Some weeks are better than others.

Right now I'm trying out the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner :Siava: .
I've been taking pictures each day for the past 3 days. I've uploaded them to the blog link above and will be attaching day 1 to this post and hope that this is the final option I'll need to test. ****Day 1 pictures are of my skin after 4 weeks of Paleo which has helped bring my skin to a more mild condition****

Remember... all of our skin is different. We all respond differently to different treatments. I'm sure something under what I've tried above has worked for someone else. Just keep that in mind if you try this and don't see the same (good or bad) things happening... it's okay.

So currently my regimen is:

Morning -

  1. 1) Tea Tree Face Wash (purchased from Amazon)
  2. 2) Apple Cider Vinegar Toner (apply with cotton ball and leave alone to dry) - I make my own and purchased an empty bottle to store it in. I fill 1/3 of the bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar *Braggs* and the other 2/3 with distilled water. I've read people using different amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar so try what works best for you. I would start with the amount I'm currently using unless you have very sensitive skin... in that case I would test it on a small area and work from there.
  3. Witch Hazel (apply with cotton ball after the toner has dried)
  4. 3) CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion (purchased from Amazon)

Don't forget! I'm testing this and may change it up later.

If anyone has any advice please let me know!!!!




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I wish you the best of luck! Im in the same situation as you basically having tried everything but nothing has worked in the long run.

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I wish you the best of luck! Im in the same situation as you basically having tried everything but nothing has worked in the long run.

Thank you for the support. I really really hope it works too. I just need to live my life like all of us should be able to do without this issue standing in the way. We have enough to worry about as it is.

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I'm new to this site too, though I wish I'd found it years ago, for support if nothing else. I've been battling bouts of severe cystic acne since I was about 13. I'm now 54 and am currently having a flair-up worse than I've had in many years. Like you, I've been on several treatments and have seen countless dermatologists. I've never stayed clear for any consistent length of time. Thinking it must be food-related, I started paleo about 8 weeks ago, and at first thought maybe it was toxins being released through my skin causing my most recent flair up, or maybe my body was just telling me it would much rather eat crap!

Anyway, I also started using Bragg's apple cider vinegar this week, as well as following the cleansing protocol with OTC products. (I've ordered the products from this site, I just haven't received them yet.) I also used the indian clay mask mixed with ACV last weekend. Right now my face itches so much I want to scratch it off from the BP and the drying agents of the mask, but it seems to be on the healing side of things after a couple of days. I have a few rather large cysts I'm debating having treated by a physician... but having needles stuck in my face isn't very appealing and I want to give the regimen a chance.

How are your results so far?

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Skincare products will do little to treat chronic life-long acne (see below; taken from the CureZone forums):

The biggest mistake of your life was going to doctors and taking prescription medications.

That mistake will add years to the healing process.

Acne may have started with your parents taking you to doctors when you were baby, with antibiotics, medications, vaccines, poor diet or it may have started with your mother being vaccinated or using antibiotics, hormonal contraception, steroids, poor diet, antibiotics in diet, hormones in diet or other toxins before you were born.

That is the cause of acne. It is self inflicted.
People pay for vaccines, antibiotics, prescriptions, hormones, steroids, poor food, poor water ... and in turn that causes health problems to them or to their kids or to their grandchildren.

That is why I call it self-inflicted.

Self-inflicted out of ignorance.

Use of antibiotics, birth control and other prescription medications and toxins across generations causes acne.
Poor diet from your side just makes it worse.
Antibiotics in meat and diet make it worse.
Sugar in diet makes it worse.

Antibiotics you took during the last 10 years have only destroyed that little left of your good microbiota, your intestinal health and your liver health.

Your healing tasks now are:

- heal your liver
- heal your intestines
- heal your microbiota
- ignore treating your skin, any topical treatment will only extend total healing time

Now, it will take time because you neglected to do it for more than 10 years.

If you have a car, you drive that car, you use inappropriate fuel, inappropriate oil, inappropriate tires, and you keep neglecting red lights telling you that engine oil is low, steering oil is low, cooling liquid is low , engine is overheating etc ...

It does not really matter if you took that car every single day to car wash, car polish and if your car shines from outside. ... the fact is, once that car stops, and it is going to stop running very soon, it is going to cost a lot to fix it and it is going to take a lot of time.

And, all that could have been prevented by using appropriate fuel, appropriate oil, adding oil, changing oil, changing filters and adding cooling liquid at the right time.

- correct diet is equivalent of using appropriate fuel, appropriate engine oil and appropriate tires, appropriate spare parts

- Liver Flush is equivalent of changing oil and changing oil filter regularly on your car engine ;

- Fecal Transplant is equivalent of replacing worn out parts of your engine, changing register belt, changing filters, changing liquids ...

As you neglected to do it for so many years, now it is going to take a very long time to fix everything.

Every month and every year of neglecting your engine needs adds weeks or month to the healing process.

That link you gave is good, but that is not enough for you.

You will also need Liver Flushes and fecal transplants on top of perfect anti candida diet.

Read and learn:


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IT IS THE WATER!!!!  We acne prone ppl are allergic to chemicals. STOP using them!!

Our skin and hair can't handle Free Chlorine (Cl-), Combined Chlorine ( Sodium Hypochlorite), Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) and Iron Oxide (rust water)

Get a filtered shower head!!!! You will be amazed how your water is damaging your skin and hair. A filter will filter chemicals making your hard water softer. Trust me, I have tried everything before I started washing my body with only filtered water. Wash your face with combinations of honey, lemon, and coconut oil and sugar for exfoliation. Thayers Witch Hazel (No Alcohol) as toner. Use aloe Vera gel as moisturizer. Tea tree oil is great too. Stick to natural products as listed above.

Don't use lofas and do use wash cloths but oxiclean them when washing, do not bleach them

Birth Control is a Big No as is Man-Made antibiotics. Opt for natural antibiotics such as garlic and orgeano

If for some reason the moon turns purple and this does not work, get tested for food allergies ex dairy or gluten and Do educate yourself on GMO's

You all are Beautiful Best Of Luck!!

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On 3/18/2015 at 8:41 AM, CW24 said:

I wish you the best of luck! Im in the same situation as you basically having tried everything but nothing has worked in the long run.

I'm a male, and since about age 32 I have had adult acne. A friend of mine, who works in a health food store, suggested that each morning I might start my day with a glass of water, and add a splash of red wine vinegar to it. I tried a glass that night when I got home, and by the next morning I already saw a difference. I started having this concoction every morning, and by the third day, my acne had completely stopped. After a couple of weeks, not only was my skin really clear, but the texture was now really moist and balanced. I still take it every morning, and I don't break out anymore. 

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What would you say your skin type is? Your skin looks so dry from the pics :( possibly just the lighting. I would doubly doubly moisturize! It'll help soothe the skin and those breakouts. Hope it works out for you! 

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