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Should I Go On Accutane? Pics Included!

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Hi I was wondering if i should go on accutane. Your feedback will be super important!

Anyways, ive had acne for a few years now and nothing is fixing it. Ive tried stuff over the counter and perscribed. My face is also always red which i think is from the acne medication, is that true? Is there anyway to get rid of the acne and the redness I also have body acne which is annoying also. Would accutane be my best bet?post-450696-0-18609000-1426363091_thumb.

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It is completely possible that you may need accutane depending on what type of acne it is.

However, my experiences with OTC topical treatments is that they are usually EXTREMELY dehydrating & drying to the skin (therefore damaging the healthy skin & irritating acne) so that irritation is probably the cause of any red, flaky, or inflamed areas that are not pimples. My face used to be really red all the time but its calmed down a lot since I've started using better moisturizers in conjunction with my acne treatments.

You may also be having a mild-moderate allergic reaction to the ingredients or something. (I'm not a dermatologist so ask yours what the redness could be)

I've noticed that since I started using moisturizers my skin doesn't produce nearly as much sebum.

Personally I use alba botantica products with no issues, but some people have problems with it, so just ask your dermatologist what would work best for your skin type.

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Accurate is an option if you've tried everything else. Have you looked into diet changes? Juicing? Lifestyle changes?

I agree with the poster that excessively red and irritated skin could be a mild allergic reaction.

Accurate is not the holy grail as many make it seem so it's worth trying some of the changes I mentioned before jumping on the bandwagon.

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