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Possible Acne "cure" For Some Men?

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I'm a 46-year-old male who has struggled with acne since age 14. Like you, I tried everything under the sun (and sometimes over it) to get my acne under control. Well one month ago I finally succeeded. Two months ago I saw my regular doctor for prostate-related symptoms I was experiencing. He recommended I try supplementing with Saw Palmetto to see if it would assist. Well, it did. And in more ways than I anticipated. Saw Palmetto helps reduce the amount of DHT produced in your body. DHT can be a factor in acne's cause--especially in men. Anyway, within two days of taking Saw Palmetto my face had cleared up immensely. After a week, my face felt smooth as glass with no new acne. After one month, my acne was 100% gone. I also noticed a big reduction in the amount of facial sebum. No joke. I'm not deeply religious, but what I experienced was nothing short of a miracle. An excess of DHT in my body my have had my hormones out of control all these years, causing my acne. I took just Saw Palmetto in the amount recommended on the bottle. Saw Palmetto appears to be extremely safe from everything I have researched. (If you're taking prescription drugs--it's best to talk with your doctor first though.) My enlarged prostate symptoms have also improved. Bottom line: I have only my prostate to thank. And I'll give some credit to my doctor who inadvertently cured my acne. Sincerely, Eric

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Wow, that's awesome, Eric!! Glad you found your acne cure!! :)

Best wishes for your continued success!!

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