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Can I Wear Makeup To See Derm For 1St Time?

Hey all. Its been a while since I've seen my derm, but I'm seeing her tomorrow. Do you think she can assess my skin properly even if I wear makeup? The reason I ask is because I really don't have the self esteem to leave the house and take public transit and then sit in a public waiting room if I'm not wearing makeup. Also, I go to work right after, and I wear makeup everyday, and I know someone will say something if I show up without makeup :( I've seen her before for follow ups with makeup, but my initial visits have always been makeup free. Advice?

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Why not bring your face wash and makeup with you? You can wear your makeup on the bus, then when you get to the clinic, get there a few minutes early and wash your face in the restroom. Then, after your appointment, put your makeup on in the bathroom. That's what I'd do. It will be better for your derm to be able to see your skin bare.

Also, as for sitting in the waiting room makeup-free - you're at a dermatologist's office. Everyone there is there for their skin in some way or another. It might be liberating.

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Hummm, if you have seen improvement during your treatment, then I guess , it is ok to go to the visit wearing make-up, like you said, only if it's something specific that you really need your dermatologist to look at , then it's probably best to go without.

I have found myself going without make-up and the dermatologist did not even bother to take a close look, then I tend to get distressed and forget about the questions I wanted to ask.

So, don't forget to make a list either way.

I was thinking, what about taking a picture of you without make-up and then show it to your dermatologist.

I hope everything goes well, don't stress too much about it.

Take care.

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