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The Caveman Is Back!

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Yes I know everyone is tired of hearing about the caveman but I would like to shine some light on it and continue my log so I can help track my own progress.

I have been doing it for around a month but with up and down treatments, I have added in ACV and jojoba oil in some cases still I never washed with anything but here are my results this far.

Days 1-14:

First few days I noticed my acne go away quite a bit and i regained color already however towards day 14 I did get quite a few whiteheads--- WHICH I would like to point out is better than pimples because they are not easily seen.. My skin ton is getting much more tan and normal compared to the red acne marked face. I did use ACV and jojoba oil in hopes to clear some of the clogged pores for a couple days and doing so resulted in multiple pimples.

Days 14- now (30ish maybe)

I stopped using the ACV and jojoba and the pimples went away with no new forming. Still I had a problem with whiteheads I stuck through it and today although I still have a few they numbers went down a good number. Im pleased with my skin tone and I am also pleased that the only pimples I get are very small barely visible ones. Currently I have a very small one on my forehead and another on my temple.

Throughout this my diet has been up and down. I will eat healthy for a week but then the next I will eat a whole pizza and fast foods. Also I want to note that I attempt to workout everyday and I also do drink alcohol on the weekends for I am in college.

Overall I really believe that this could heal my face and I also think I am going to leave the dead skin mask on for awhile and not take it off at the month mark to see what happens.

This is no water btw

Also my acne before was probably mild to severe (around 10-15 pimples around the face at a time maybe)

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If anyone is on this topic I want you to take away one thing.

I am very obsessive about my acne even if it isn't bad sometimes. I still am now and its 10x better than what it was... I would just sit in the mirror for awhile after every bathroom use and think about it. It would be my thoughts at school my thoughts playing a sport. It really was becoming a psychological issue for me and I finally realized it.

What I did to stop was:

- no more looking in the mirror period, if I did it was with the door open and the light off.

- I stopped using snapchat because I found myself taking them to see how my acne looked it was horrible

- I started to think about future goals and I started to clear my mind with meditation.

- stopped reading on these online websites

- stopped touching my face (still trying)

After doing these things although I do have slip up hours (notice how I didn't say days) I have been so much happier and I feel so much more confident with myself. Acne was ruining me and now that it doesn't cross my mind as much I feel like a new person. So guys stop worrying so much, everyone gets it and just concentrate on a healthy lifestyle. Plus doing this will create less stress and in return less acne!

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