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Red Itchy Pimples

Hello. I have these red itchy pimples on my jawlines and neck. They weren't there before, i saw them after I shaved my beard. They are not on the cheeks or forehead, only neck and jawlines.

What are these? Rash? I hope it is not acne. I finished my accutane course few months ago and I dont want to take it again. Sorry for the bad quality pic


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Isotretinoin isn't curative for all people, so it's possible that your acne has returned.

To me it seems as though shaving made—what looks like a mild case of acne—worse. I'd definitely start the Acne.org regimen now. Clear it up while it's still manageable. Having to clear a severe case of acne is dreadful.

Verify with a specialist that it's acne if you plan to use this regimen. Good luck, bro

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It can be hard to tell the difference between razor burn and acne (they both present very similar) but I'd say if the condition gets worse and not better and starts presenting in other areas, it may be acne. However, if the bumps go away, then it was probably razor burn. If your condition worsens, then like the above poster mentions, seek a medical opinion.

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Thank you all for your replies.

I went to my derm today, and she said it might be follicullis...she said the bumps appeared all at the same time (they all have a brownish colour) so she doubts it is acne.

I'm gonna apply isotrexin gel on them and hope they'll get better.

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