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So, I'm seriously considering starting to use the regimen and I just wanted to know if it would even have an effect on my skin. I have oily skin but it flakes up sometimes and I get a lot of raised, red skin bumps and some pimples and zits. The acne is mainly on my cheeks, forehead and chin/jawline. I do get a few on my nose sometimes, however. I'm 17 but I don't think it's hormonal because it barely flares up more around my period, it's just bad all the time. I've tried topicals, antibiotics and birth control but literally nothing works for me. I'm willing to try this I just want to know if you guys think I'd even have any luck?

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It will work under three conditions

1) Follow it precisely

2) Use either Acne.org products or recommended products

3) You are not allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

It's definitely worth it. Although you will initially regret having started the regimen (because of the terrible side effects that come with BP), your skin condition will improve. Your skin will look and feel terrible, but stick to it. Acne.org regimen + time = healthy, clear skin. Good luck.

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The Acne.Org Regimen is totally effective on most acne, whether teen acne, adult acne, even stubborn hormonal acne. The main reasons why some don't get clear is that they don't use as directed or they give up (or both). Control Panel does not exaggerate...the uncomfortable dryness is why many people give up in the first few weeks...but most find that the promise of good results outweighs that initial discomfort.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

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