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Help! Post Inflammation Hyperpigmentation

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I have some active acne but mostly red marks on my back/ shoulders and lots of little bumps on my chest. I'm using differin on my face, shoulders and chest for the past month and it seems ok but I want to fade the marks. Please help!!

Sorry, my picture taking skills aren't that great :/





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i know this was posted a while ago but did you manage to find any solutions for the hyperpigmentation?? I have a similar problem i have hyper pigmentation on my back and shoulders which i've had for years, i'm 28 years old now and im finally looking into doing something to help fade the scars, ive been looking into dermarolling, and im thinking of using it on my back and shoulders using a 1mm needle then applying vitamic C Serum afterwards, ive been using a 0.5mm and then a vitamin C serum afterwards on my face where i had hyperpigmentation scars and it definetely looks alot better and thats only after a few treatments which i done myself at home. I think your scars can definetely benefit from dermarolling, although your skin doesnt look anywhere near severely scarred, its just mild, mine look worse than yours, im going to try the dermaroller, and if it helps i'll let you know, if you can give me your email address i can send you a full guide on dermarolling which gives full instructions on how to use it aswell as the prep and post treatment for using it, hope this helps 

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