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Managing Pain From Lasers

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I need some help dealing with the pain associated with laser treatments. I have had two ematrix treatments which were excruciating even with numbing cream and the nitrous gas.. maybe I have sensitive skin (have been on accutane a few times) or maybe I'm just a bitch either way I need some advice on what medications work best at blocking the pain. Im asking as I will be getting fraxel repair which is apparently going to be a lot worse!

Will be posting pics of everything when I get the photos from the Dr

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the only thing you can take prior to treatments is tylenol which really doesnt do that much. i can feel your pain though i have had a few laser treatments and the fraxel restore was like the most painful thing ever. it was like a hot blowtorch scraping your face! i am going back again on february 9th and the lady said this time to take some tylenol beforehand because its going to hurt a lot more than last time. blah! i am dreading it but hoping that it helps my raised scars.

good luck to you!

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I take ibuprofen and a stress ball, two of them and I just squeeze the heck out of them

and I keep thinking of the end result, to gain there is pain....music may help too, put those earbuds in to something you like

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