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Doxycycline Mono, Once A Blessing, Now Useless?

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So this is my first post on here. Hello to all other people who agree that acne is the worst thing ever.

Let me just start with some background. I've been struggling with acne for about 3 years now, since 8th grade. It goes from being mild, to less mild, to more mild and it's been quite annoying. dry and flakey in the "t zone" on my face, oily every where else. there have been months where my skin cleared up using a certain product and then over time these products became less effective. Then came 2012. I moved to Central Oregon, where the summers are hot and dry, the winters are cold and dry. In the summer, I tend to struggle with acne a lot less than I do in the winter. Each winter I have dry, red and irritated skin.

This leads me to sophomore year. I decided that enough is enough and I made a doctors appointment. the doctor informed that that salasylic acid is likely what dries/ irritates my skin. he recommended 10% benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide was a huge mistake. after one day of using it my face was blown up, swollen, and red. I called another doctors appointment. he put me on 100 mg doxycycline mono and recommended cetaphil. after a week of using both, my skin was damn near perfect. I was stunned. for the next 6 months my skin was clear about 90% of the time. towards the end of the summer, I started breaking out more and more, little by little. my stomach started to become more and more upset by the doxycycline. my stomach began to hurt more and more as the weeks went by and I probably visited the bathroom like 5 times a day.

I visited the doctor and he took me off doxycycline and basically sent me home with a "good luck". the weeks after that were very depressing to me. the more I break out, the worse I begin to feel, the more I hate looking in the mirror. after about a month of being off doxycycline, he put me on 20 mg doxycycline to take twice a day. this was honestly pretty useless. it did not clear my skin. it just upset my stomach. I went to a local salon for a facial and was recommended a face product from Sally Beauty. I don't remember exactly what it was called but it works fairly well. it's just a facial cleanser similar to cetaphil and is not meant for fighting acne necessarily. my doctor then moved me to 75 tablets of doxycycline to take once a day. I'm not sure if it has worked better than the 20. I've seen minimal improvements.

im not entirely sure what my skin type is. oily and less prone to acne in the summer. dry and irritated in the winter.

but this leads me to my main point here. why would doxycycline and cetaphil simply stop working? what am I doing wrong?

what products can you recommend me?

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antibitoics as an ongoing treatment for acne is a bad idea. It messes with you internally and acne mostly comes back. You can absolutely become resistant to antibiotics. As to where to go from here, try:

diet changes- dairy/gluten free for 3 months

retinoids (give it 3 months to BEGIN working)

lifestyle changes - exercise, destress.

Acne is many times a multi faceted condition so it often times takes a two prong apprach to get it under control

Good Luck and stay strong.

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I just started a doxycycline hyclate treatment and hearing that the acne will come back with a vengeance after going off the pill is really getting me worried...

Since it is an antibiotic, I believe once we stop taking it, the bacteria will start coming back and eventually will be resistant to these pills... I am under the impression that I and you are on these antibiotics as a precursor for something more permanent like accutane.

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Accutane sounds terrifying... not really sure what I should do. I stopped taking Doxycycline for awhile and my skin was worse than it had ever been before. Now I'm on Doxycycline Mono 70 MG and its decent... but definitely not as clear as it was last summer.

75* oops

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