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Could This Be Staph Infection? Or Mrsa?

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Hi everyone, I've been enjoying clear skin for a few months now until recently when I started getting sores inside my right nostril. I didn't think anything of them, but they don't seem to be healing. Now I have these pimples on the right side my chin. Do you think this could all be related?


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Hi !!

I had to comment on this beacuse I went through a staph infection this summer, I can't say for sure for sure if thats a staph infection yet but it definitely sounds like it. I'd see the doc in case. If you have acne, you are more prone to infecions like staph as well. sounds like you've been clear for a while though.

I got one this summer in my acne, what makes staph distinct is if there is redness expanding and if it is spreading. I didn't get mine checked until a good two weeks after i had it and had to be on several rounds of antibiotics. it was dreadful... left me with horrendous scarring on my cheeks. Took a good four months to recover. So bottom line, if itstarted in your nose its best to get that checked out as soon as possible before it spreads.

I still freak out and wonder if certain whiteheads or staph but its very diffuclt to tell sometimes because inflamed acne looks very similar. which i think its just inflamed whiteheads... id still def get it looked at though :) you dont want to have to go through what i had...

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It could be a number of things really. Anything that starts from the nose or lip area really should be checked out. While I have acne, I've had a skin infection that looked like acne turn right into Impetigo, and that stuff is nasty without immediate antibiotics to cure (I love my sensitive skin...).

While from the photo it looks to me like just your run-of-the-mill acne that has clumped together (has happened to me many times before). But it looks to be unusually red and raw around it that isn't very similar to normal acne.

In the end, have it looked at by your doctor. They may send you to a dermatologist or prescribe you some antibiotics if it's something other than acne. But make sure to mention you other infection to give them more to go by. Like me, they could just pass it off as acne without knowing the previous incident.

I wish you the best of luck in figuring out what it is and how to potentially treat it!

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