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Regimen Diary - From Moderate To Mild Then Hopefully Clear

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Hello, I'm 20 and I live in the UK, I've had acne since I was 15, it got very bad at college (high school) and didn't get significantly better until I started the Regimen, I consider myself to have mild acne. I avoid dairy completely, avoid fatty and sugary foods and processed foods. I am trying to bulk up so I am eating close to 3000 calories and 140g of protein a day, which I know might contribute to acne but oh well. Any advice would be appreciated.

July 23rd 2014 - Just started the Regimen, I slowly built up to one full pump as my skin didn't seem to mind the BP. Mild improvements.

June 20th 2014 - Skin looking better than it has before, however I couldn't up my BP to 2 pumps, even gradually, as it made my skin extremely dry (painful). I also was worried financially that I wouldn't be able to purchase it went I run out.

September 15th 2014 - Repurchased the advanced kit with the Jojobo oil and glycoric acid, the Jojobo made my skin feel more comfortable, the glycoric acid stung a lot! But I think it was worth it.

December 17th 2014 - Since then I kept only using 1 full pump of BP as even with the Jojobo oil my skin went to dry and made me feel embarrassed, however when I went to Jamaica the climate was hot and humid so I used 2 full pumps and if anyone said that I looked dry or pale I blamed it on the sunscreen (LOL) after less than a week the flakey ness and dryness stopped and I had finally made it to 2 pumps! The sun made me tan which made a few red marks less noticeable :D I didn't use glycoric acid as much since I didn't want to get sunburnt.

January 2nd 2015 - Back in the UK, still using 2 pumps even though my skin is going a little dry which should stop, hopefully the Regimen will still work. I recently ate an entire pack of hobnobs and jelly babies which has made me breakout on the right side of my face, the pimples are on there way D:

UPDATE: This regimen unfortunately doesn't work for me, 2 pumps of BP tightens my face way too much that I can't move it, I've been doing the caveman regimen for just over 5 months and it's been great! Good luck to those who this regimen does work for though, we've all got to find what works best for us. :)

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