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So i started just completely not washing my skin and TRYING to not pick at it but i can't help it. My acne seems to be okayish, red post acne marks are for sure fading a lot faster.

EDIT: Remember you need a good nights sleep for this! Only works if you're getting good sleep. Which is hard but i don't have to work during the winter so i get to sleep well.

Day 1-5: Day 1 and 2 you will notice right away your pimples and acne will hurt really bad, this goes away in day 3 and you'll feel so much better. Just seems like i'm breaking out near the end of the day and maybe because i'm picking at my skin. But every time i wake up my acne gets WAYYYY better. But then slowly through the day i start breaking out again. I feel like i'm breaking out way less than normal. My old routine was just shower and cleanse twice a day and it just seemed to be rough on me. This is why i resorted to stop washing.

Day 6: Same thing just breaking out sometimes seems cystic throughout these days but again at night it seems to go down and red marks fade a lot faster. My skin sort of looks better but breaking out around my mouth a lot and my front neck really bad. I do touch my skin in these places a lot so might be why. My skin feels way better than normal i don't hurt and it just feels like i don't have acne, but i do. Still breaking out and it feels like i need to cleanse my face or my neck cause it just feels oily and nasty but i resist and go to sleep.

Day 7: Once again i wake up and it's gone again i feel much better and the skin rejuvenates itself at night. Some of the acne is going down i just feel good but don't look good. Lol, i will probably never wash again for months just because i feel way better and my acne is for sure reducing, makes sense because when i was young i was a athletic kid and i HATED showering and my parents always bugged me to get in the shower but i had perfect nice skin. I just feel better when i wake up i feel good i don't have those pimples that hurt. Overall every day seems about the same but i feel much better not having to showering so much and put moisturizer on etc. I'm going to keep going it seems to be working and i feel natural again.

Day 8: Feel great and looking better, i broke out slightly on the bottom of my lip was probably once again from touching my face, but it'll clear right up after sleep My skin keeps improving and seems way better than showering currently.

Day 9: Same as yesterday, i always seem to breakout around my mouth and front neck i'm almost positive it's because i can't keep my hands away. But my breakouts always are way better after a good nights sleep. My skin just looks better really every day besides the breakouts, i just feel way better too.

Day ?: I forget what day I'm on but my body has been detoxing this whole time which is what I've been trying to do, I still eat crap food i have no diet but i drink a lot of water and green tea. I can just see my body detoxing and getting rid of all the bad in the skin. I hardly breakout and my skin looks so much better within another month i should be acne free and left with a lot of scars i have an appointment on the 13th of February. Cannot wait to fix my scars. I did actually break out on my nose but within 2 days it'll be gone like usual. It was probably from me touching my nose, during all of this you don't want to touch your skin because it's so sensitive to oil and my acid mantle is destroyed so i know it's going to take some time before i can touch my skin again and not break out. Overall feeling so good, this is the best thing i've ever done.

Day ???: I haven't kept going with updating but maybe someone later down the road will read this. It gets worse before it gets better, my skin seems to be getting like red and turning a weird color, but like the stuff in my skin idk what you call but it's in the skin and you can squeeze it to get it out but later turns into a scar and more acne. That's all gone now and my skin just seems like it's letting everything go and getting everything out of my body and i feel it'll take another month or so to heal. But it's getting better i feel like and i'm going to keep going.

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I tried thiis my self back then for abot 3 weeks and it help me alot. I have oily skin and by the 2 week my skin was clear. I only got my face wet abit when i showerd every 3rd day. Keep it up >_<¥

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I tried thiis my self back then for abot 3 weeks and it help me alot. I have oily skin and by the 2 week my skin was clear. I only got my face wet abit when i showerd every 3rd day. Keep it up ¥

Thanks :) Yeah, it seems to be the best routine ever haha, every time i wake up my skin is remarkably better!

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how do you not manage to get your face wet? Do you wash your hair too?

Nope just letting my hair go i don't have longish hair and my hair does the same thing as my skin, gets greasy throughout the day i wake up it's normal again.

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