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Could I Get Accutane?

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Hello this is my first time using these forums. (Not sure if these photos are the best quality iphone 4 camera) I am a 19 yr old male who has had mild acne since i was just 16. Not until 18 did I it became really bad at one point. I was put back on benzoyl peroxide for the 3rd time and i have been using it for a year. It cleared up some and got better but now i break out on my nose area and jaw (both right side) and for the first time ever my forehead. I have been on doxycycline for 2.5 months aswell. I cant take it anymore it is ruining my social life so i was wondering if i would be a candidate for accutane. My 2 brothers had mild acne until about 22 and i just cant do it anymore not 3 more years. I eat very healthy and exercise everyday no matter what it wont stop, i do a lot of research because i plan to be a dermatologist one day




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while that's not too bad i have definitely seen way less severe cases of ppl with accutane..just go to your derm and see what he/she says.. docs know best

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Def see derm

have u tried other rx topicals..aczone, acanya, retin-a?

accutane is no walk in the park, but if u have exhausted other options...might be worth consideration

I would also consider diet changes..eliminating dairy if u havent already...



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I hear ya!!

Same here..dairy...gluten...sugar

didnt make a difference

I would make sure to tell the derm

crazy because I saw 4 derms and 2 wouldnt give me spiro because acne wasnt bad enough and this last dr first rec or suggestion was tane....

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Yeah, looking at the pictures do not really show how red it is at all. I'm going to set up a derm appointment and beg because i do not think my derm will but thank you for the responses good luck with your guys acne too!

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The question will be if you see the right derm.

I was denied so many times until i went to a new, young dermatologist and showed my frustration at the neverending list of products, dissatisfaction with other results, money and time spent dealing with my chronic, persistent moderate acne.

He said, "Let's treat this with Accutane". I cried i was so happy and I got 15 years of remission.

Tell the doc what you want. Show him your research and if you get turned away, go to a different doctor.

I even had to go off my insurance plan, to a derm that wasn't one of the listed providers, but the medicine and lab work was covered so that was fine.

Be prepared to say what you've tried.

Tell them how important your face is and how you are concerned about scarring.

Good luck.

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