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Life After Antibiotics - Should I Go Back?

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I had horrible acne back in 2010 and went on tetracycline for about 8 months. My skin cleared up perfectly. About 5-6 months later, the acne returned, although not as bad. I went back on tetracycline for about a year and it less was effective. The areas I got acne were around my mouth, chin and jawline - my cheeks, temples and forehead were spotless!

I came off tetracycline earlier this year as I was worried about the effects it was having on my gut. A couple months off of it and I got acne on my forehead, temples and cheeks - oddly my chin and around my mouth is generally fine. My neck continues to have long standing small red spot.

I'm so confused,

On the antibiotics

cheeks, forehead and temples = clear

chin/neck = bad

Off antibiotics

cheeks, forehead and temples = really bad

chin/neck = chin is clear, neck is reasonably ok

Any ideas on what could cause this? I don't really want to go back on antibiotics, but I do feel like the majority of my face responded better to them.

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Antibiotics are bad for your gut and cause Candida. That can cause a lot of problems including acne. I had Candida and took probiotic pills 2x a day for 2 months and it cleared it up. I went to a naturopath who diagnosed it and also did a food intolerance test so I knew which foods to stop eating, which I guess eating foods you are intolerant to feeds Candida.

Anyway. Probiotics would really help you.

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Thanks I have recently started adding a probiotic supplement to my diet, can I ask what one you take as my causes me a little bit of discomfort. In regards to intolerances, I was tested and found out I have none...which seem off, unless I'm just very lucky in that respect.

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The ones I take are called HMF Forte. I don't have any problems with them. They are a little more expensive than the kind you get at the store because I got from my naturopath. Are you sure you got a food intolerance test and not an allergy test? I'm pretty sure everyone is intolerant to some foods.

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Have you tried making changes to your diet & lifestyle?

Personally found Antibiotics are only a temp fix and my new regime is way better for long term results. Plus your body would thank you for it.

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