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Deep Red Scar

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Hello guys Im new here. I will share my tragic history of mine. i have some whiteheads on my head when i was 14. i didn't mind it because it is only 4 to 10 white heads and it is only small. in that time i didn't mind if i get oily ( i know that big pimples will occur only in 16 and up but depends on every persons ) and i scrub my face with towel when sweat a lot ( i didnt know that time that scrubbing your face intensely will ruin my face) . My forehead is the most oily i guess in my face in that time. I see some flaked skin in my nose ( because of dryness). when i see that i rub my nose aggressively. Nothings happened.When i was 15 the worst moment come. Nothing is changed ( dry nose, oily forehead with a couple of whiteheads) but my big acne on my nose. it is big as a half pea. it has a big white spot ( puss ) of course .I cant stand it by that time because my classmate tease my rudolph the red nose raindeer so i popped it. it press it intensely resulting to deep scar. that is not all. when im 17 many small and big acne come to my nose ( im sure because of the big acne that i popped before). im used to avoid but some times when im washing my face i accidentally popped it. im not washing my face intensely that time coz im regretting it. or sometimes when im sleeping after night some of my pimples is being popped. i was very frustrated to my nose because of that. i try some remedies like salt, honey, steaming, using of benzoyle peroxide 5%, and hydro cortisone in my nose. some of my pimples is cured but the scars is still there. i cant help myself so i wash my face always with soap because of that my clean cheeks become dry and started to grew some pimples. Now not only my nose but my cheeks and forehead is damaged.My forehead is having more whiteheads than before.
im concern in the redness of scars in my nose. And if can i dont want to undergo surgery if necessary.
Help everyone. Any advice??
Sorry if i have wrong grammar.
here is my picture sorry i dont have worth camera.







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Well, for all in know the nose heals unpredictably, so i guess every treatment is somewhat risky. If its only the redness waiting for it to fade or some vit c on a single scar to see how it goes...

Sorry, not very helpfull i guess but the nose is a tricky area.

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