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Vitamin D

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Hi everyone,

I recently took 50,000IU prescription Vitamin D supplements for 8 weeks (one pill a week). I have since finished my last dose and have been off of the pills for 3 weeks. During the time that I took the Vitamin D and for the 3 weeks since I have stopped, my acne has seemed to flare up. I took accutane about three years ago for my moderate/severe acne and it helped tremendously. Since then, I have still had to deal with the occasional few pimples but have had it under control. However, since I have taken the Vtamin D, I have had constant acne flare ups daily. Did anyone else have this problem with Vitamin D? What is everyone's opinion.



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I’ve noticed this myself. Similar experience, used accutane a few times but acne returned (never again!) then had acne under control with water only washing. Then started vitamin d supplements and only realised after months that the supps were breaking me out with cysts. Stopped the supps and skin immediately got better. Was smashing 4 eggs a day though and had to stop that to get clear (perhaps had vit d overload). Not averse to an egg or two now.

Note: silicea 6x (2 tabs a day) has been amazing for my skin. I started water only washing, gently cleaning with hands only twice a day (like a normal bloke!), experienced very dry skin which got better with time but once I started silicea it has been amazing. Not a dry spot to be seen. Also got rid of eczema, a painfully dry hand and terrible nails. Homeopathy is worth looking into.

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