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I have a really big red/purple/brown mark near my chin. I used to have a small, pale skin coloured bump under my skin (it was there for a few months), so I covered it in duac cream overnight. It rose to a head and I popped it into a whole new kind of mess! It went really red, inflamed and stuck out like a sore thumb!-I probably squeezed too hard. Im pretty sure I removed all of the puss as once I finished, it only leaked clear fluid and the tiniest bit of blood. After the second day, the lump went down (still a lump, but much less noticeable), but the surrounding skin is still bright red/purple. Is this definitely a bruise? And how long will it take to go away? It's so hard to cover :( please help :(

P.s. I've been using sudocrem regularly to try and help with the discolouration, but it doesn't seem to working?

I've attached pictures so you can see for yourself :(

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Get some witchazel on it, it's always worked great for me if I've overdone the squeezing! I just soak a cotton ball in it and press it on.

The bruising will go down in a couple of days, don't worry! :)

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This is why you don't pop pimples. Its a bit bruised from all that squeezing you did. By the looks of it, its going to leave some sort of hyperpigmentation when the swelling goes down. The reason you don't want to pop pimples is because the force you use to squeeze out all the puss makes the inflammation temporarily larger, affecting a larger area. We all know that post INFLAMMATORY hyperpigmentation is caused by, guess what? INFLAMMATION. You create a bigger inflammation and you get a longer lasting, darker, brown spot. Don't pop your pimples lol.

Btw I wouldn't consider it acne if you only have 1 blemish

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Eek, don't pop a cyst! But you did, and it's not the end of the world. Icing might help with some of the iinitial inflammation, and the hyperpigmentation will fade in time. You may be able to speed it up with witch hazel, or manuka honey, or vitamin e (but only after the pimple is completely gone - don't rush this). Gentle, gentle exfoliation with a salicilyic acid scrub (very gentle) can help as well, as long as the pimple has healed.

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