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Hello everyone,

I am 15-16 years old and in full time education in the UK. I have had acne since I was around 12 years old and as of the start 2014 year it was under control with quinoderm as before that I was only young and not to bothered with my appearance so I didn't have any scars. Until, quinoderm got stopped and in september I had my first breakout in ages and that made me really self conscious and I had to pick them so I would convince myself they didnt look bad(only mild). So I found panoxyl, which was alright and eventually went to my doctor only a month ago who prescribed my oxtetracycline which has bought it under control I rarely get spots. At night I wash then apply panoxyl and zineryt onto my face and moisturiser throughout the day. But due to me picking earlier I have gained acne scars or similar on my chin around the mouth area(quite mild) and forehead. As I am rather self conscious they probably look nowhere near as bad as I think when I do my skin and everything but they need to be sorted. But what products I use must be suitable as I don't want to cause a breakout. Please note, my skin does look a bit shiny thats due to the moisturizer. My skin tends to go quite dry but Im not really sure. Sorry about the quality aswell! Also, as I am in education 5 days a week the treatment does need to be appropriate for school but thanks so much.


Thanks for all your help

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Looks like hyperpigmentation to me. I have had way worse and it's completely gone now. Sometimes it takes a long time but don't go slathering shitty products all over your face in-order to speed up the healing process. Just gently exfoliate maybe like once per week, eat a healthy diet, exercise often, moisturise skin etc. and you should start seeing improvements. Do some more research because there's more you can do than what I said to help your skin, but make sure you do some more research right now. Start with Googling, "hyperpigmentation treatments". That will help you more than I can.

PS: It is not scarring and if any acne returns DO NOT go on Accutane. Please trust me, it will cause more problems. I may not have hyperpigmentation issues much any more but I have some shallow rolling scarring that gets accentuated in harsh lighting and it is more problematic than hyperpigmentation. IF needed, find an alternative like Acne.org products. Way better solution to acne if you ever have an issue again. Just sayin'.

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