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Silicones Do Cause Acne

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Hi guys

Just writing this post so that anyone who suffers from the same thing can benefit. Barely 2 years ago, I had the most clear skin ever. No sunscreen, no moisturisers, nothing. I introduced a skin care regimen one day (biggest mistake ever), and my skin erupted into full-blown cystic acne. It started with one-two pimples and then gradually worsened. I've been on two courses of isotretnoin since (acne came back after the first), and yet I continue to break out. The cystic acne left a ton of scars that have since begun to improve with laser treatments.

After a lot of study about the products I used, I realised that those with silicone cause a weird reaction on my skin. Whenever I try any product with it, my skin breaks out. I used to laugh at all the posts about going natural, and letting your skin 'breathe'. But now I realise how true it is! You really do need to let your skin breathe. Ever since I stopped using sunscreen and all products with silicone (it's only been a week), my skin is improving rapidly. Of course my doctor thinks the silicone theory is b.s and science says otherwise. However, I believe that no one knows our bodies more than ourselves. Even Paula Begoun is a fan of silicones, but clearly this affects a lot of people so we need to make our own choices. Here's the regimen that's working now:

1. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

2. Paula's Choice Earth Sourced Moisturiser (only one with no silicones)

Also, avoid conditioners with silicone since these can trickle down on your face causing reactions too.

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