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It's Been Over 2 Weeks Drinking Organic Acv And I Still Break Out. Should I Continue Drinking It?

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Hey guys. I kind of feel hopeless. I basically eliminated some foods from my diet and I also lost some weight (didn't want to do that). I was already skinny and my mother yells at me because of this. But I'm doing my best to help my skin.

Mom really pushes me to start eating more meat and I don't want to do that yet. I already ate some fish meat but whatever.

Anyways, I also tried fasting (for 6 days) with almost no results and I also started drinking ACV for over 2 weeks. Same thing. I'm just breaking out. Sometimes I tend to think it's getting worse little by little.

Should I continue drinking ACV?

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You have to give whatever changes you make 3 months at a minimum before judging effectiveness as it takes a while for your skin cells to turn over and your body to get used to your routine. Don't get discouraged. Keep on going

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Pretty ignorant statement, facuup. Before we get into an acrimonious debate whether this or that works or not, I would like to point out that we all respond differently to regimens. I for one, respond positively to a healthy organic diet. This has essentially ameliorated my acne condition to the point that I rarely get cystic pimples like I used to. And before you respond with an acerbic comment, I also would like to point out that I respect your opinion in this matter, though, I don't agree with you. So please stop bashing on peoples regimens if it works for them and not for you. Your word isn't absolute. If you believe no regimens work, fine, but that's your opinion. Don't berate someone undeservedly when they respond to a regimen positively. Thank you.

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