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Regimen Changing Skin?

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Hi guys,

For the past year I've been doing a regimen where I wash twice a day, in the morning and night with clean and clear black head remover and at night only I will also use clean and clear benzol peroxide wash right after. I moisturize right after I wash of course and this has actually led to great results! My acne would now be considered to be in the light level, except there's one thing. EVERY SINGLE PIMPLE leaves a scar and I'm sick of it. The smallest things leave scars whether I pick at them or not and it didn't use to be like this. Does anyone else have the same experience? I have sensitive oily skin and recently I've been thinking about going to an all water regimen or a regular all natural non acne specific cleanser. Any pointer/ warnings from anyone whose been in my shoes?

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Purechimp super cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever used & sounds like a good match for what you want. Probably wouldn't use just water as it wont remove all dirt & impurities.

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It may be because of the BP, it kills all the bacteria, even the good stuff that lets it heal. You should never BP on a scar for it won't heal then. I don't really use anything so I don't know, but vaseline on a scar will let it heal (and no it won't break you out)

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