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Day#1: The Acne Diet. [Lets Cure Acne Together]

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Hey all i'm new to the forums and I have recently started a diet for my acne. I thought it would be fun to go on the diet with some other individuals. Here is a little bit of information on my acne and the diet. Now this diet 100% works, I can say this myself, the reason being is that I did this diet in the past and I got amazing results, I was so happy with the results and my new skin that I completely got ahead of myself and gave back into my old eating habits without fully finishing the diet, this followed by some of my worst breakout in recent memory. The past few week I have been trying to get back into it but I always give in and eat all the foods I swore to avoid. In short i'm wasting allot of time and money on the diet. I personally feel that if I associate myself with people in my shoes that are doing a similar diet that I can get through this once and for all.

My age: 17

Had acne since: 13

acne type: moderate-severe

I will start by saying that my acne is triggered but something called candida it's a yeast that stays in your blood stream and releases toxins, therefore causing acne. Everyone has candida, but a diet high in foods that make your body acidic, or are yeasty can cause an overgrowth, which I have. However even if you don't suffer with candida this diet WILL help. My overgrowth was caused by my HORRIBLE diet pre-acne which consisted of large consumption of junk food on a daily basis. I even went as far to eat ENTIRE boxes of cereal in one sitting after coming home from school.



-2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach [As soon as yo wake up!]

-Half of an avocado.

-glass of organic wheatgrass juice [Recommended brand below]

-handful of pecans, or almonds OR both!


-Salad with cucumbers avocado, topped with lime or lemon.

-Handful of pecans, or almonds OR both!

-Glass of water with squeezed lemon. OR organic wheatgrass juice.


-Handful of pecans, almonds, OR both!

-Salad [same from lunch]

-Glass of wheatgrass juice!

-2 cloves raw crushed garlic [Pop the cloves, chew em up and wash down quickly with a glass of water] < Garlic is important!

-two tablespoons coconut oil

-Apply rosemary oil to acne on face.

*Exercise daily [Make sure you sweat]

*Drink tons of water 10-12oz every hour!

*Wheatgrass is essential to this diet. Google its benefits for acne and see for yourself. [Organic wheatgrass only!]

*Raw foods only! no bread ETC follow this diet strictly to achieve the desired results.

Wheatgrass: http://www.vitacost.com/amazing-grass-organic-wheat-grass-powder

Rosemary Oil https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0069SQI7Q/


This is what i'm following starting tomorrow! I can promise you that you will see results!

when I feel more comfortable ill upload pictures each day with the new posts to show my progress. Im hoping if your reading this you are ready to follow this intense diet and cure your acne once and for all. Just remember when you feel like your slipping and want to eat something that will contribute to your acne stop and think about it. You are in control now! I'm giving you the tools needed to eradicate acne. What you do with this information is up to you. One thing is certain I will be acne free at the end of this diet, including all those who chose to follow me on this journey.

Tomorrow look for my post for Day#2.

God Bless.

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Are you sure there are enough calories in this diet? Also, are you sure that you don't have any issues with nuts? I feel like this diet would be a disaster for me for several reasons.

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