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Fast Spot Treatments For Moderately/severely Affected Regions?

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I had moderate to severe acne as a teenager, but for about two years I've been relatively clear - I would get the occasional small breakout, but they would usually go away within a week. However starting about two weeks ago I have gotten 2-3 massive red acnes on each cheek that refuse to go away. They aren't even shrinking; if anything they might be slightly bigger than when they started. They are so large that even when I turn my head the other way, the bumps are fairly visible from my profile, and they are very red. I have not changed any of my shampoo / face wash / etc., not even my diet, so I have no idea why they suddenly arose.

I have been putting BP regularly on the affected area as well as a noncomedogenic moisturizer at other times because my skin tends to get very dry and irritated with BP. Because of the location on my face I suspected my pillow cases were to blame, but I washed them and then changed them anyway three days afterwards and nothing changed. The problem is, I have a date on Friday, and it looks absolutely terrible especially since there are multiple on both sides of my face. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them FAST, or at least reduce the size and possibly redness? I don't have much at home and don't have time to go to the supermarket. I tried icing it earlier today for 10 minutes, it didn't do anything but I don't know how many days it takes to see effect.

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Oh my , my response got erased, have to start again.

Ok ,, the problem maybe not getting enough exfoliation.

Ok , it happened to me, once I got big bumps, cystic, so in despair ,I used persa gel 10% peroxide, ok , washed with purpose and moisturized with one of the new olay sensitive.well ,2 months after, cleared skin, then cystic acne again , what happened. , my guess was , no exfoliation and the fact that I can't tolerate moisturizer that well, but hey , using peroxide .sometimes you need it ,.

When I was using proactiv I never used moisturizer, when they had the formula that worked , everything was ok , sometimes I would have some seborrheic dermatitis flare ups ,, then ,they messed up the formula in 2009 , and proactiv didn't work anymore.

There is a product from equate sold at Wal-Mart that is identical to the proactiv ingredients, but I think it's the new reformulated formula, to me , they changed the moisturizer they used in the old formula, that is why proactive stopped working , you see I didn't have the need to use a moisturizer because the treatment, the third step had a moisturizer, and the equate acne treatment does too, but the new moisturizer formula, the new proactiv treatment formula.

Anyways,I'm trying to make a connection here , exfoliation

Exfoliation.......Do you use any kind of exfoliation , like salicylic acid or glycolic acid,?

Some people use stridex wipes , the truth I haven't used them.

I used these to clear the messed that using excessive amount of peroxide treatment.

I used this until I got a fever blister and my seborrheic dermatitis flared.

Cleansers ...Neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask, there are 2 kinds ., this one its the cleanser/mask

In the shower for extra exfoliation the Neutrogena deep clean ,cream cleanser , it's a yellow tube., left on skin for about,2 to 3 minutes.

After shower , tone with Neutrogena rapid clear , tone and fade orange toner.

Then applied , the acne.org treatment , the amount according to how my face was feeling that day.

Moisturize with clean and clear dual action moisturizer.

And just use persa gel as an acne treatment and only rubbed with a qtip ,specially anytime I felt itchy.

Ok , then .....recently my son , who doesn't believe in using many things after clearing his cystic acne with , solodyn antibiotics and differin gel ,3%, for about 3 years .

So, now , he only uses cerave cleansers ,, he alternates, right now, the hydrate and in the summer , the foaming , he doesn't use moisturizer , he shaves with electric and most of the time grows a beard , and only spots treat with acnomel ....it's called acnomel it's a tinted sulfur treatment that its very strong, you only need a little , and when I say a little I mean it .it's not meant to use on the whole face , it's very strong.

I tried it , and it works faster than the tinted sulfur from clearasil.

I think home remedies never worked for me,

One home remedy I'm trying right now it's vicks vaporub,I have been writing about on the rosacea forums, under seborrheic dermatitis thread, page ,I think 46 and 47 , now it's really weird , but the way I'm doing it, seems to be working.

Sorry for the long reply

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It would be better not to try using chemical treatments without the doctor's prescription. I know someone who used several treatments just to remove acne scars and spots and the results was not that good. It became even worse than before. Fact is not all chemicals are compatible with our skin. Which is why we need consultation first before using anything.

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That's true what MandyStrope , says , first you need to know if the products you are going to be using are safe for you , you said that you have tried benzoyl, but the acnomel is a sulfur, and some people can react to it , because to me, it seems to be like a peeling agent , and that is why it has to be used only as a spot treatment , using only a little.

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That's true what MandyStrope , says , first you need to know if the products you are going to be using are safe for you , you said that you have tried benzoyl, but the acnomel is a sulfur, and some people can react to it , because to me, it seems to be like a peeling agent , and that is why it has to be used only as a spot treatment , using only a little.

I know lots of cases that involves chemical treatments. Some treatments were successful and some were not. Observe first once he use the product. If it stirs reactions to the skin, stop using it immediately.

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@MandyStrope ...That is so true what you say, sometimes we only need to use a product once to see and feel the reaction on our skins, the problem is, well in my case , I'm pretty stubborn and I really want the product to work.

I really have pretty sensitive, reactive skin.

And it hurts to admit but through the years I got really obsessive with my problematic skin, looking back I think I overdid it using and trying many things that in the end just didn't work or made more damage to my face.

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@noche That's why be very careful with what you use especially that you are having a sensitive skin. In my case, I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week and use face mask before I sleep. Try it.

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@MandyStrope ...thank you.

I will try not to go overboard with the exfoliation as you say, especially when the skin is sensitive,I think that is what have caused my troubles all my life,I mean having sensitive skin.

When I was younger there was no internet and I didn't know about exfoliation.

I'm menopausal now, but I refuse to use hormones.

And as my daughter insists, throw away the magnifying mirror, because then I will be tempted to do more exfoliation and that is not a good thing.

Thank you again.

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