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Acne Returning After Accutane..

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I'm feeling very down.

I stopped taking Accutane last week (25th Nov)

I did a ~8month course of 40/30mg (A bad doctor knocked me down to 30 after I had no new acne, then my next said they had never heard of that before)

A few days ago I noticed a small spot. I obsessed about it all day, trying to convince myself it was a one off. Today however I have 3, and a lot of redness in the areas I used to have it.

Accutane is the only thing that ever cleared my skin and now I don't know what to do.

Am I reading the signs right that my course hasn't worked? Is it possible there is an adjustment period? Has anyone had this on their 1st course, and gone on to have a successful 2nd course? Any input is welcome.

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Techicallly even though you've stopped taking accutane, it'll still be in your system for a prolonged period after (not sure how many weeks/months). My skin slowly started getting worst a few weeks after accutane, not to the same extent though.

I'd personally try the regimen for a few weeks/months, if your acne isn't that severe. If that doesn't clear you up, I'd try a second course of accutane. Good luck anyway!

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Don't read into it too much, especially if it's a small blemish. Remember, if you took Accutane it was probably for large cystic acne. I finished my Accutane treatment about two months ago, and I occasionly get a very small blimish that quickly fades. Even though I finished Accutane, I still try to keep my skin clear by using SA, which probably helps.

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