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My Accutane Story

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Hey guys. I took accutane in 2010. For the time I was on it, I became completely clear. About 2 months after is when I started to notice the oil coming back along with breakouts, at first small, then by 6 months post tane - worse. Seeing my skin gradually go back to how it was before accutane was depressing, especially since I was so unbelievably happy during the course. On top of the acne coming back, I experienced side effects: hair loss really REALLY bummed me out; it made me so depressed. Joint pain and overall exhaustion made me feel like an elderly man, especially in the mornings getting out of bed. Mental cloudiness/confusion made me dangerously unstable; I was fighting a messy inner battle with myself day after day. I then experienced erectile dysfunction, which added to the misery. I was in hell (quite literally, to my belief).

I knew I had to fight this, and move past it. I knew I had to change my lifestyle to pull through, so I did...gradually. I knew I needed a more healthy and natural way of living. Here are some major changes I've made in the recent years:

1. gym 3/4x a week: lots of stretching, strength training 2 muscle groups per day, cardio once a week, sauna after each workout

2. diet: quit coffee for a while, now I'll have a cup a week at most. 'Alive' multivitamin for men1x/day. started juicing fruits/veggies this past March, at first 6days/wk, now more like 2/3 days/week (favorite recipe: apple, lemon, ginger, cucumber, kale, parsely). limited processed foods. over all eating very clean, like simple grilled chicken, tuna, turkey cold cuts, etc. limited eating out in general

3. living situation: I moved out to my own apartment. This was a major improvement. I found that just like we watch what goes in our bodies, we should watch what kinds of people and energies we surround ourselves with - my family situation at home with my parents and brothers was exactly healthy, constantly butting head/clashing, driving each other mad, lack of respect, etc. Now I live alone and LOVE IT, I have peace and quiet and can think so much more clearly.

I feel like I'm coming back. There was a lengthy period of time when I was down in the dumps due to what accutane did to me, where I was practically accepting the fact that this is my life and that there is nothing I can do about it. I felt screwed and helpless, seriously. But I did a lot of soul searching, experimenting, analyzing, praying, meditating, studying, reading, etc, and I gradually started finding my way again. There was no one that helped me with this, not even my parents or best friends or anyone...I did it all by myself...with what I believe to be the help of a "higher power" so to speak, the universe, god, the greater consciousness, whatever you name it. I opened myself up and cried out to life for help...anything, anything at all. And slowing and gradually, I was shown signs...then all I had to do was make a choice and take action. It was clear that I had to fix my body and mind by getting healthy WITHOUT MEDS!!! I knew that if it was going to be successful that I had to listen to my body and go the 100% natural approach.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I feel so filled with gratitude..for everything. I think back...If I never took accutane, then I never would have been in the dumps, then I never would have experienced what that felt like. Now that I know I have been there (in hell really) I feel empowered beyond belief, energized, clear, strong, focused, wiser. It's a miracle it truly is people, I could cry right now because I'm in awe!

ok, i'll get a grip. I just thought I would truly and fully express myself here to get across my message. Please take a moment for yourself to reflect on your past struggles and how you've grown because of them. Realize that whatever difficulties you might be going through now, that you have the power to pull through. I may not know you personally, but I know that you have what it takes. Believe in yourself, believe in the energy of life, believe that all things happen for a reason to help you grow and become closer to your true nature: love.

Please leave your feedback, as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to read what you have to say. ask questions, and I will gladly take the time to answer them for you. thankyou thankyou thankyou for reading this

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Please leave your feedback, as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to read what you have to say.

Hey! Im actually on my day number six... So nothing has happened really, just slightly tighter skin. I am glad to hear that maybe accutane didnt save you but pushed you to change your lifestyle. Congrats! That is something really hard to do, getting out from your comfy bubble and make drastic changes.

Hope all goes well!

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