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Caveman Regimen Struggling To Keep With It

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Alright so I started this november 11th and I was doing good the first week i cleared up a lot it was great. After the first week though I got a bad breakout and i cleared the dead skin off and applied moisturizer and witch hazel. Still didn't wash with cleanser or anything. Decided to give it another go and currently im about a week in again and my acne just hasn't gone away it's just getting worse. I did go through a period of bad foods, alcohol and that not good stuff. I use no water but I tried for a little and it is non filtered harsh water so that ruined my skin.

Still going to continue though but im kind of freaking out. I have heard of the initial breakout and how it causes more acne than usual. It's all pretty much on my forehead too. I just don't know what to do. It also seems to get worse throughout the day the morning i look decent then as the day progresses it just gets bad for some reason. Is this a normal side effect from stopping product use??

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Yes, the ib happens to many people upon first introducing the caveman regimen to their skin. Just think about how reliant your skin has become on chemically laden products. This should subside at some point. I don't have firsthand experience with this particular method, but what you're describing is typical from what I've read/researched. Stick with it and if you aren't seeing the progress you desire, at least you gave it a shot. Good luck to you.

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If it is only about the chemicals in products you are trying to rid yourself off why don't you try only natural oils or something instead? Non-comedogenic of course. I never use 'normal' skin moisturizers anymore, I just get different unrefined oils such as Argan and Rosehip seed. You can even use the oils to cleanse your skin. That is, I never use any 'commercial' products at all, I don't really need to.

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Yes, it just a common side effects to some products which is not good. I've been using manuka honey for my acne prone kin and it works good on my acne. Studies found that manuka honey contains highest levels of antibacterial properties that fight acne infection.

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Hey. Am I right in thinking that the "caveman regimen" is just cleansing your skin with water only? If so, the biggest downside to that routine for me is the dead skin that builds up, of course the skin looks a whole lot clearer but the dead skin becomes very visible after a certain amount of time and what I've discovered when removing it is that there are a load of pimples underneath which really sucks.

I'd suggest still using water to wash your face but using those little cotton pads to gently wipe it, use a different pad for each part of your face but be careful not to spread any bacteria or irritate your skin.

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