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I have had acne for 3 years now. Will it ever end. I guess you could say its mild but it's a bit worse than that but I wouldn't say severe either. Its just enough to make you hate yourself. I can't even remember having clear skin. I don't EVER take pictures. So when I'm older I won't remeber a large portion of my life thanks to my terrible skin. I avoid mirrors as much as possible. Whenever I look at one my whole day I literally ruined.

.... I dont look people in the eye. I don't want to think of them looking at my hideous face. I have this weird good side of my face and bad side. My right side is worse then my left. Someone who I happen to like is moved to my right...permanetly. I bring jackets to cover my face and hes always trying to look. I'm always on the brink of yelling at him to just leave me alone. But not to hurt him so he doesn't get scarred for life. We have so much in common and I feel so bad mostly avoiding him and not being able to turn to him and talk. I know this isn't a love story so I'll make the point of this short.

Acne is ruining my LIFE! I hate looking at myself. I went to a doctor and they put my on these giant pills that I can't even swallow so I had to break them and they taste awful. It hasnt gotten any better its only gotten worse. She prescribed some gel but they haven't even got that in yet. I have tried home remedies...never work. Only irritated my skin and got really red. I wore a hat to cover my forhead, one of my problem areas, and it got a little itchy so I was an idiot and itched over the hat when I took I of my skin was so red and my acne was way more visible. I almost burst into tears. I dont even want to go to school.

The thing I hate the most is: People mentioning it! Its like.. oh my god shut up I KNOW! Do you think I cant see it! I feel like when they say that everyone starts noticing more then they did before. A popular (stupid selfish idiot and rude guy) Said "Wow you have alot of pimples OhMaGah!" Another kid came up and said, while innocently and playfully fighting, " At least I don't have pimples all over my forehead!" My smile literally fell of my face and I thought about what he said all day.

I thought I could be myself around friends until they mentioned It too. Friend number 1, (note I have barley any friends) said on a car ride home after long hours of hiding my face I let go she turned to my and said "Oh my god I just wanna pop that pimple so bad!" And pressed her fingers together in the air. I burst into tears the car stopped and all attention on me... Exactly what I need..... -_- Friend number 2 we were messing around and 'talking' about each other and she called me pimple face knowing how sensitive I was. Shes that friend that even if your the one who's been hurt she wants everyone to feel bad for her. Friend 3 that friend who always points out flaws. She has pointed out my acne several times. So have my sisters.

I don't know what to do I'm stuck and depressed. I already have a bunch of appearence problems and this sure does help >.< I'm so sorry this was long I just wanted to explain how terrible it is. Everyone is so judgemental. If anyone has any ideas on what to do please help me. Also, I be happy to hear from others who are/have gone through the same thing. It would be good to know if I wasn't alone.

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Go to a derm and listen to whatever the fuck they tell you to do. There are people with seriously shitty faces who instead of listening to shitty ass advice on websites of people who legitimately don't know what the fuck they are talking about, go to to a medical doctor and then listen to exactly what they say. There are loads of meds out there for people with all types of acne and these people dedicated a shitload of their lives to learning the ins and outs of this shitty disease. GO TO A DERM and LISTEN TO EXACTLY WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO. if something doesn't seem to work don't go "OH FUCK THE DERM SHE DON'T KNOW SHIT". The derm aint psychic and different meds work differenty..TELL THE DERM it's not working and WORK WITH THE DERM. All of this shit is manageable if you listen to people who KNOW THEIR SHIT.

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you can try meds which have many side effects and usually dont cure the root of the problem ,,,,,like antibiotics and accutane(i wouldnt reccomnd this ....it's too dangerous)

OR you can try and clean your diet .....which im doing now ....it really helps to cut out some food and eat healthy ....you can find what im talking about in the diet section of this site

but at the end what i think you should do ...is stop feeling bad for yourself (i know its hard) and start researching for what triggers your acne and im sure at the end you'll come up with an answer

as for people.....they are idiots ...they just love to talk and most of them point out to other people's flaws to cover theirs ....its how people are ...you just have to focus on you and on a way to controle acne ....the solution is out there ....you just have to find it

sorry for english and good luck :)

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FarFromNormal, you have come to the right place! I think it's safe to say that everyone on here is either going through it, or has gone through it, at some point in their lives. So with that being said, we all understand and you are most certainly NOT alone!

There are many different forms of treatment that you can try… unfortunately the tough part is that it often requires trial and error to find which one is most effective for you. It's also best to try each one for at least a month or two before deciding it's no good and switching to something else, so it can take some time and patience… but it's well worth the "struggle" to find something that does work!

As fouzi94 mentioned, a good and immediate place to start is diet. Many people find at least some luck with increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on dairy and sugar. Drinking lots of water, taking supplements (omega 3's and zinc, to name a couple). It can take a couple months to see some results, but it's a good place to start.

Seeing a dermatologist is often a good place to go if you're feeling lost in what route to take as they can help you assess what would be best suited for your skin depending on how severe your acne is, etc. Some derms are better than others, but looking into making an appointment to see one (or even your family doctor) is what I'd recommend doing at this point. They will work with you to find a treatment and help you in deciding what to do next if something isn't working out quite right.

Keep us posted on your progress and don't forget that we all understand the struggle here :)

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