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Okay so this is my first time asking people for advice on my acne a answer would be highly appreciated. Okay so about a month ago i seriously noticed some acne on the cheeks but its just redness under not really pimples popping out. I used to instantly pop a pimple once i noticed one but then learned that, that is one of the worst things to do. So i stopped, i changed my diet insanely too, i used to go through a whole bag of dorito chips and still be ready for more. But now i only ever eat whole grains, never normal grains, stopped eating lots of sugar, milk, etc and now eat lots of rice and vegatables fruits and WHOLE grains (What i normally eat through the day, No added sugar "Aspen" cereal with 0% yogurt and some flax on top, some light snacks throughout the day, granola bar with omega-3 and nuts, some sort of baby cookies kinda like animal crackers, baked chips, 1 apple and 1 banana a day then for dinner i like to have rice and vegetables with chicken, mostly everyday) and also drink plenty of water. I use a facial cleanser called "Cetaphil" cause other acne products make my face VERY dry so i never use sacilic acid (however its spelt) and use a "Glaxal" moisturizer after the Cetaphil. I do this once in the shower when i wake up and once at night about an hour or two before i go to bed. But listen to this, i never touch my forhead with the cleansers AT ALL. My forehead is COMPLETELY clear and i can see oil on it, but my cheeks and chin do not have oil on them and is the problem, is it good to see oil on my face? Anyways my cheeks and chin have redness and my chin has little red dots, not big pimples tho. So should i go to using Cetaphil once a day at night on my face or continue using it twice a day or maybe not at all? But i already have a problem with my cheeks and chin so stopping might be a bad thing, maybe just once a day? Any suggestions would help, should i also see oil on my cheeks and stuff or should that be dry (Example: i can see my forehead shine in the sun but my cheeks and chin dont shine what so ever. Feel free to leave your suggestions, it would be HIGHLY appreciated. If something in this doesnt make sense or is unclear feel free to ask :)

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Hey teen acne is part of the program, don't stress over it try using something to cleanse the skin. You can dilute Tea Tree Oil in water and use it to remove dirt, grime and excess oil on the skin. Try it for a couple days and see how it goes. Good Luck!

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