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50% Relief From Adult Acne At Last!

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I'm a 46yrs old guy. Can you imagine I still get the mild occasional little devils! Winters are somewhat relief but the summers are the worst. My skin is like a cauldron full of oil. I've been suffering from this goddamn thing since my late teens. The twenties were worse than a jackfruit. Thirties were like a toad’s skin. However, the forties seem like few droplets on roof tiles. I tried everything there is on earth except Accutane [for the fear of losing my already thinning hairline] and nothing seemed to work. At last I seem to hit upon a regimen [with due assistance from the wife whose skin is as smooth as smooth can be] and it seems to be somewhat effective as of now. Here goes:

01. Oil free Acne Wash [2% Salicylic Acid][Neutrogena]- thrice daily

02. Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent [2% Salicylic Acid][Neutrogena]- once daily in the evening

03. Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun Block SPF 50+ [Neutrogena]- daytime application outdoors

[i’m in no way trying to promote Neutrogena products but they seem to be working on me.]

04. Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%, Clindamycin 1.0% [Gel Base]- Bedtime application only

05. Hydroquinone 4%, Tretinoin 0.025%, Mometasone Furoate 0.1% [Cream Base]- Bedtime application only

for hyperpigmentation. But be careful not to apply it together with the Astringent [it will make matters worse].

06. Avoid shaving creams. Use a non comedogenic face wash instead. Shavings will be tougher but lesser will be your zits.

Better still keep a beard.

07. If you are so keen on shaving stay a mile away from the aftershaves. Natural raw alum is the best and the cheapest.

08. Application of lime juice for an hour on shaving day. Wash face with water before use and avoid the areas

where Hydroquinone cream is being applied.

09. Have a facial steam once or twice a month during winters. Increase the interval during summers.

10. I've almost completely cut down on dairy products esp. milk as well as sugar. Research says it increases the Androgen levels.

[i already have enough of it]

11. 50mg of Zinc and two teaspoons of cod liver oil daily.

That’s all folks. Whew! What a long list! [Ladies are exempted from No’s 06 & 07] But believe you me. Make it your religion & at least 50% result is rest assured. All the best.

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Great news!

Now I have some questions :)

So do u use retin-a and hydro and bp every night?

alternate nights?

what hydro do u use and do u spot or apply all over?



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Hi Kim,

I use BP & C'mycin [combo gel] as and when the zits show up. It's normally 4 to 5 spot applications till the devils start to heal. Yes, every night.

Hydro is for the pigmentation. Don't thank the heavens the legacy of the acnes! it's spot application for about 2 weeks every night and the pigmentation gradually starts to merge with the skin tone. It's advisable to continue alternately for some time since it's a steroid. But once the pigs' are gone who cares! Here I repeat for you 'be careful not to apply Hydro together with the Astringent. It will make matters worse.' Wash the affected area/s with a cotton ball soaked in water before application.

My hydro cream is Melacare Forte. Any good make will do.


Edited by acnepsycho
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I think maybe too much at the same time.

Also, the cod oil , some people seem to breakout on omega fish oils.

Have you heard of chia seeds, they are omega without the side effects.the seeds need to be put in water for a couple of hours before ingesting.Also you need to read about the chia seeds,so you will know how much you can take ,I think ,not sure ,its 2 tablespoons a day .I'm really lazy ,so I buy this mamma chia drink at target I get the cranberry lemonade.and it works good ,keeps me regular .

When I tried the retin a ,I couldn't use anything else.

Retin a damaged my face...its a topic on the real self that talks about using so many things, like hydroquinone and toners and having bad results.....Also washing the face twice a day is enough .you don't want to overdry the skin and make more oil.

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Yes noche, do agree 'its too much at the same time'. But given my skin type this happens to be the only solution working for me. At this moment of time I'm enjoying an absolutely clear skin [which was very rare for me before starting this regimen about 3 months back]. You couldn't imagine my mental agony associated with this during the last 2 & half decades. It almost ruined my career. The reason why I decided to post 'my regimen' in Acne.org which might benefit my fellow sufferers worldwide.

Thanks for informing me about chia seeds. Never heard of 'em before. Might as well give it a try.


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I'm glad you found something that is working for you. I meant that we have to be careful using retin and toners at the same time, because retinoids are exfoliators ,, also hydroquinones peel the skin too.

So ,just be careful.

I do understand you pretty well,I don't work,I raised my kids, and never had a job after getting married.My problems with acne had been with me all the time,4 surgeries to remove cysts, sometimes I wonder if I had stayed on the Accutane things would have been different, but I couldn't because my cholesterol would increase,I have high cholesterol.

One day I was taking about my face problems with my husband and I said, probably I couldn't even hold a steady job with my skin behaving like this.

I didn't hide in the house even with all my skin problems I stayed home and raised my kids, took them to all their doctors appointments, to get their braces, to the dermatologist to volunteer at their schools, where people would asked me what was wrong with my face.

And guess what, my kids are grown up, they both went to college, my son has a job and my daughter will soon have one too, she has one more semester to go, she graduated a year and a half ago but wanted to go back to college for one more year.

I didn't do it alone, my husband worked all the time, and we never got any help from welfare.

So I'm proud, at least of that , my face is a total different story, my husband doesn't understand, he has never suffer with acne.

So I do understand you pretty well.

I'm really happy for you, ,acnepsycho.

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