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Topical Vitamin D

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I'd been having such great success with my OTC Chinese herbs, B12 patches, vitamin D megadosing, lactic acid peels, sulfur soap and aloe that I got careless with my diet.

I went NUTS on the spicy food and desserts. And ate meat (chicken.) And my face said to hell with that! Jawline and forehead breakout, from adrenal overload and insulin(hormone) surge. And 3 small nodes.

So bummed about it I stayed in for 10 days, during which time I got Vitamin D drops in an oil base.

Out of vitamin serum with dry scabs that weren't healing, I decided to slap some on my scabs and forehead.

In the shower, I sloughed like I had used Tazorac or Sulfur Ointment the night before!!!!

Totally smooth, perfect moisture balance, shallow-er scabs, and light forehead acne gone.

I got the oil and patches on Amazon. I will be integrating it with vitamin A oil, as well, since that helps synthesize D. D is for psoriasis, but it's aiding acne in the same way- by smoothing, hydrating and protecting scaly keratin buildup.

If you're depressed , have a poor diet, and have dry acne, you're probably vitamin D deficient- or A deficient and can't process the D.

Get a blood test, then google how to calculate good doses to start with. Good luck!

bonus: the D patches made my nails insanely long. I've never had long nails before.

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This is very interesting.

Can you post the product your using?

Also, what do you believe are the benefits of topical vitamin D over oral vitamin D?

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