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A few of them still look tethered down. Here, do a test: in the mirror, stretch the skin around each individual scar, if it flattens out, it may not be tethered. If it doesn't change much, then it is likely still tethered down. I would recommend talking to a dermatologist about this. Maybe more than 1 to get more than 1 answer to your question. :)

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I've had subscision twice and now undergoing Total fx. Which ones do you think are tethered?

I know the one nearest mouth is down. This is due to a steroid injection :(

Do you think this is particularly bad?

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Yeah I was talking about the ones near the mouth area.

I don't think it's bad in terms of, it not being able to be improved. You should maybe look into
Dermastamping. They might not be tethered down, just depressed. Forming new healthy collagen in that area may yield you some good results.

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Im derma rolling aswell as the laser treatment. It used to be a lot better but got worse from the damn injection!

Hopefully it will get better in time..

I hate how much time all the improvements take! It seems a lifetime

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