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Can You Break Out Within 2 / 3 Hours?

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Okay heres the problem 2 weeks ago I eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet for my cystic acne. For the first week I had no noticeable changes then in the second week I seemed to have turned a corner. My cysts started to heal and scab over and I had no new break outs for a week. I was literally amazed as I had never gone this long before without having any active acne so I was sure I had found the solution.

So for the past couple of weeks I have had to attend training for my bar job which involved beer training gin training and wine training. They were all tasting experiences but I didn't have any as I know most alcohol contains gluten and I was convinced I didn't want to jeopardise my skin for anything!

So today I had to partake in whiskey training and I cracked I thought the smallest sip wouldn't cause a problem I had a small sip of a good 8 whiskeys some which were high in the ratio of rye and barley. Literally 3 hours after I realised I had 3 new lumps on my neck that seem like aggravated cysts that are going to get pretty nasty. They were definately not there this morning and I have had no break outs for a week now.

Is it possible for this to happen so fast? Its seems a might coincidence that It was after I had the gluten? I can't think why else I would flare up again because I always used to have active cysts but for the past week nothing and I had great improvements.

There are a few other factors it could be.

1. My hair gets extremely greasy easily and my skin is rather oily so I shower and wash my hair every day. The past couple of days I didn't so could this be from my hair spreading bacteria to my neck while I sleep via my pillowcase?

2. I also tarted taking erythromycin again I had been off it for a good 4 months and been back on for about 5 days now. could this be like some sort of initial break out or something? I can't remember having one the first time round but my skin was pretty bad that I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Any ideas? Im just hoping its the rye from the gluten in the whiskey because I really thought I had got it sorted. For the past week I had never been happier in ages and was looking in to getting my scars sorted finally but now this. Cant face the fact that I might be back to square one again.

Is this likely to break me out within a few hours or not??


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none of those are good for acne or your body especially your livers and do cause acne yes

But in such a short amount of time?

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not sure but it takes the next day for me to breakout from bad foods and stuff like that

your job might be a problem in the future if you gotta drink alcohol though

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not sure but it takes the next day for me to breakout from bad foods and stuff like that

your job might be a problem in the future if you gotta drink alcohol though

I thought it was pretty quick but I just can't put my finger on what else it might be? Especially since I hadn't had any active acne for a good 10 days.

My job will be fine just got to be careful :)

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could be #1 and 2

if your hair is dirty and greasy/oily or if you had gel on and didnt wash it off before you sleep or it touching your face could be a problem ,or you can try changing your pillow case every now and then cause of all the deadskin and bacteria on it because we shed billions of deadskin but its impossible to see them

#2 could be the medication you are taking maybe

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