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What Am I Suppose To Do With This Huge Collaboration Of Pimples...?

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As you see Ive got this giant-ass collaboration of pimples right on my left cheek. Its absolutely horrendous, I know :( I seriously dont know how to deal with it. It keeps popping up like several whiteheads on it all the time and they are all extremely painful. When I try to pop one of them (I know I shouldn't pop my pimples but my skin is already so fckd up I dont even care anymore) I simply cant because then the other 10 around/in it starts hurting so much. Fuck my fucking life I'm so tired of this shit. Why me..?

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well we can't see...there is no photo

so it sounds like a group of whiteheads, not cysts...what is your current routine? diet? what else have you tried?

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Also, if you don't care, don't pop them. When you eventually do get rid of your acne, you WILL be effected by your decisions now. And you WILL be happy you didn't pop them. It's either for right now (1 week) or the rest of your life, it's your choice.

If the skin looks horrible, treat it, don't abuse it.

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