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How Long Before Washing Off The Regimen?

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So i've just ordered the Regimen Kit today, and have been reading the regimen instructions extensively, but something I couldn't find is how long you should keep everything on your face before washing it off. I really want to follow the regimen as closely as possible but I don't want to wear all these products on my face at school everyday if you need to keep everything on for hours on end. If it takes over around 2 hours, then i'll happily wake up that much earlier every day in order to stick to the regimen. If it takes a very long time, than I may wake up in the middle of the night every day in order to perform the regimen and have that count as my morning clean up. So does anyone know how long you should keep everything on your face for? Help would be very appreciated.

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Hi...The Reg works best when you leave the products on to do their work until the next time you perform the Reg. They recommend only washing your face up to twice a day, so additional face washings to remove the products in between may contribute to dryness and irritation, which can lead to breakouts, especially if you don't reapply the moisturizer after rinsing off the products. The moisturizer is an important step as it helps keep your skin in balance while using the treatment. Short version...the Reg works best when followed exactly as outlined...deviating from the plan before you're clear may affect your results. Hope this answers your question!

I was very pleased with the Reg, cleared me in just a couple of months! :)

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I agree with the above. You apply the regimen in the morning, and leave it on for approx 12 hours, before washing and then reapplying it in the evening and leaving it on for 12 hours before washing in the morning (then repeat).

In the early weeks you wouldn't be applying it twice a day (as per the instructions), however the treatment has to remain on your skin for 10-12 hours. Unfortunately this is how it works, and only having it on your face for a few hours will not allow your acne to clear.

Why is it, that you don't want to have it on your face for school?

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Benzoyl peroxide works very fast to kill acne causing bacteria, so washing it off after a few hours won't hugely affect its effectiveness. However, washing your face will make it more dry and uncomfortable. You should also apply daily sunscreen after/instead of your regular moisturizer depending on your skin type. And don't worry ,you won't feel gross or heavy if you chose the right sunscreen. Use one that's fragrance free, doesn't contain denatured alcohol or sd alcohol up in the ingredients list, has a matte finish, and thank me 20 years later.

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