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Reducing Redness After Pimple/spot

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Sorry if this question gets asked a lot - I struggled to use the search function to find the specific issue I was looking for - but are there any recommendations on how best to reduce redness as quickly as possible following an acne spot/pimple/blemish?

I'm not referring to acne scarring or rosacea, but the redness that seems to remain (and gradually subside) for weeks or even months after a spot is no longer 'active' (no longer tender, painful, increasing in size etc)?

My skin is so much better than it used to be, but it's so disheartening when a new spot emerges, because I know not only will I have to spend the next few days battling it, but also that there's the inevitable redness that lingers afterwards.

I was recommended to apply retinol on the spot, but it's quite strong, and I'm wary that such a concentrated dose might actually worsen the redness - I have a few spots which still haven't subsided months after I started using retinol on them. I've also heard about Vitamin C Serum, but haven't really used it enough yet to say one way or another.

Are there any supplements, topical treatments, or anything else that might help encourage the redness to subside more quickly?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thankyou :)

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hydrocortisone cream! Just dot it on a red spot and the redness should subside. Don't over use it though

which is more effective, this hydrocortisone or hydroquinone??

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As Hydrocortisone is a steroid cream its definitely a little iffy whether or not we should be putting it on our faces. Some have had some reactions to it and it could potentially aggravate acne. If you do decide to try it out use only a little bit and for a short period of time. Like if you use it for a couple days, only apply it to the spot and take a week or so off after. Its a great last minute treatment to bring down a pimple in size and redness if you have a date or something. I've also had some luck with mupirocin, but it requires a prescription. Keep us updated on what works for you, everyones skin is different!

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Thankyou for the responses!

I'm a little unsure on Hydrocortisone; there's some suggestion that it shouldn't be used on the face:


Do you think these fears are justified?

MandyStrope, if you don't mind me asking, has it noticeably improved the speed with which your redness has subsided?

Yes ErmaBehrens, I'm actually using Manuka Honey UMF10+. I am using it for more than a week now and it did great on my skin.

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