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I have had acne for about a year now. I am at my wits end with it as it has caused some of my social anxiety. I do not leave the house often, I am homeschooled and I leave the house for therapy every week and the store sometimes. I do not wear makeup on a daily basis. My family eats fairly healthy, we are not guzzling down twinkies and soda with every meal but we do eat some unhealthy stuff every now and then. I do not drink soda anymore, thinking it caused my acne. I sometimes get new pimples on my chin, or on my temples, but the same spots seem to stay on my forehead. I've tried every home remedy imaginable. I tried proactive, and am currently washing my face with Biore acne wash.

I am stressed with school, but this is the only reason I can think as to why my acne is this bad. Any advice would be so. helpful.

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Hi there... I wouldn't say soda caused your acne but obviously drinking soda regularly is bad for you...most likely teen hormonal acne, very typical and we all go through it, some of us worse than others. Many of us on here have gotten more than our fair share lol so you are not alone but try not to let it get you down. Try avoiding the junk food, get out in the fresh air for a walk or bike ride...regular exercise is a great destresser and helps you feel better physically...I'd also keep searching for a better skin plan if the acne wash isn't helping. The DKR regimen cleared me up a in a few months, now my 13-year-old is using it. It's great for mild to moderate acne. There's a lot of solutions out there, just a matter of finding what works for you! Don't give up!! :)

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Acne is not always caused by things like bad food etc sometimes it is just in your genes. The best advice I could give would be to see your doctor. There are many different options of medication, face washes etch hat they can prescribe that will hopefully help your skin. A lot of the products in shops will not help you if you have acne. Aside from doctors, I have found that sudocrem really does help to reduce redness and dry out any spots better than anything else. It's very thick and white though so it's best to use it on your clean face before bed time. I hope you find something's that works for you soon, but make an appointment with your gp :)

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Natural remedies are a good way to get rid of it. You can try apple cider vinegar as it kills of the bacteria that be causing the trouble. You can also try to make a a cinnamon and honey mask or whip up some egg whites as natural acne remedies. Having a natural skin care routine and giving your treatment time to have an effect are also essential

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