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Blackhead Removal Suggestions?

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i've had severe acne since i was 10, i'm currently 14, turning 15 in february. my main problem is blackheads, my face is barely red and my scars are fading by themselves quite quickly.

my blackheads are so bad, it looks like i have freckles, and they irritate me so much. i've tried everything; blackhead scrubs, pore strips, diy masks (egg mask, glue, ect), steaming, hydrogen peroxide, and even squeezing (which i know is bad, but i was so desperate.) does anyone have ANY suggestions for getting rid of these nasty little things? thanks

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Maybe retinol will help? It didn't help me personally. But these products and cures are all different for everyone. I feel your pain though. I actually can NOT stop popping and squeezing EVER, even though I know it's bad. I do it every day in the AM and PM. I pop away and make it 100 times worse. I hate my self for it because it's such a waste of time. But I get some weird satisfaction out of it. UGH! Will you let me know how you stop your self from touching your black heads?

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You should use an effective 2% BHA (salicylic acid) product. You wanna make sure the product doesn't cantain irritants (alcohol, menthol, fragrance, essential oils, etc) and is in the correct ph range to be effective. I recommed paula's choice bha products as there are really few that have the above criteria.

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