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Sudden Acne Outbreak

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I've been using the regimen for around 5 weeks now, only a week ago my skin was clearing up a lot and was almost clear but a few days ago it randomly broke out in pimples (large and painful sometimes but not cysts) on my forehead, in between eyebrows, chin, around mouth, and also old acne came back on my cheek which is frustrating as I thought it was healing

I haven't made any changes to my lifestyle, I exercise and make sure to clean my face of the dirt afterwards, I eat clean (hardly any processed foods and eat brown pasta, rice, etc). I'm under a bit of stress as I have exams soon but no more than I was a few weeks ago, also I've been following the regimen as it says using 2 full pumps of bp and moisturizer. The only thing is I'm not getting too much sleep but again, this has been the same as the past weeks my skin was improving in so I don't see how that would effect it this much.

Any help/advice would be appreciated

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You might want to post some images of the affected areas so people can give better advice. I'd check to make sure that when you are getting sleep, especially considering how tired you might be with exams and what not coming around that you're sleeping on clean sheets and preferably leaving your face in the open instead of pressed against a pillow or blanket. I wouldn't detour from the regimen, especially if it's been working up until now. Try to relax a bit and reduce your stress in whatever way you can.

I've had similar issues recently in the same areas you mentioned and I'm going to try to adjust my sleeping situation as it seems to me the only big mistake I could be making.

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