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Acne.org Bp Vs. Paula's Choice Bp

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I don't know what the difference is but if you are paying the same price for her 2oz product as our 8oz product, you obviously get much more product with the Acne.org brand.

Dan purposely made the Acne.org brand in generous sizes that are priced economically so that you can use as much as you need to get your acne clear.

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Paulas choice benzoyl peroxide contains allatonin and bisabol which are anti irritant ingredients meant to help soothe your skin and prevent some of the irritation you experience from benzoyl peroxide.

They both are at the lowest percentage possible to still be effective and cause minimal irritation, and they are both vegan/cruelty free and our housed in base formulas that should not be problematic for skin.

I have not used dan's BP, but paulas choice promotes hers just on the fact it contains those ingredients, but I don't think it justifies spending 4x as much for an equal amount of dans BP just because it has the anti-irritant ingredients in it.

I currently use the 5% Paulas choice BP treatment but im planning on using the acne.org benzoyl peroxide as soon as I get my hands on some. I like it but it's a little too irritating for my skin, its also very runny in texture so a little goes a long way.

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Just a heads up if you're switching from PC to Dan's BP. Dan's BP is like pharmaceutical grade and like you said does not contain those ingredients that reduce the side effects from BP. I only mention this because many people who make the switch like you plan to get super red/irritated from Dan's BP when they first make the switch. What I would do is use like half the amount of BP you usually use from the PC brand. Once your skin gets used to Dan's BP start to ramp your dosage back up slowly. This should save you some irritation at the very least.

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