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The Holy Grail For Seb Derm And Severe Dry Skin!

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I suffered with acne for over 30 years and tried every possible remedy with no results except extreme skin devastation, then developed seb derm. Again I tried lotion after potion, after diet, after treatment, with no success. Then I discovered a hand held LED light gizmo that worked wonders.............(see my other posts). Although this cleared me up like 80% or more, I still had some blocked pores, redness, flaky patches and scaly bits.

Recent research led me to a cream by La Roche Posay called Kerium DS. Have used it for 5 days now and OMG!!!! On the first application, I put it on, left if for about 20 seconds, then rubbed it in. As I rubbed, ALL the dead skin began to melt away. 2nd application and it just got better, the redness subsided and the 20% blocked pores left began to clear out. It was like WOW!!! Day 5 now and 9th application and sebum plugs are gone..............and I mean GONE and all the dead layers of skin have gone too, as well as the red, raised itchy, flaky, scaly patches.

Don't take my word for this. Go and research the reviews on this stuff. I only wish I had discovered this cream years ago.

I am having a deep erbium yag laser peel next week to tackle the acne scars with a down time of 3 weeks or more. Am pretty scared to say the least so wish me luck. If anyone can elaborate on this laser treatment, please let me know asap. Must admit that after using the LED light gizmo and the Kerium DS cream, my skin is looking so good that the scars don't seem to be the big issue that they have always been.

PS. Has anyone else tried Kerium DS and if so, how did it work for you?

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Kerium DS's main active ingredients are:

Salicylic Acid - exfoliates

Piroctone Olamine - anti fungal

Zinc - regulates sebum

Exactly!! Which is why I am raving about this stuff. From what I'm led to believe, it is French. The French are renown for some amazing skin products and it has taken many years to actually learn this. It really does work wonders. Recently, I have tried a few French products and have been impressed. Cicalfate by Avene is another gem. Zinc based...............and has rave reviews. Have tried it and is a staple in my zit SOS kit, but doesn't quite cut the mustard like Kerium DS does.

I tried the Epionce range earlier this year too. Expensive.............yes!! and it worked for a few months. Smells lovely. Very citrussy...................but shortly after giving promising results, it failed. Guess it was exfoliating waaaaay too much..................and the thing is, we need our layers of skin at any time, but especially as we age. A little exfoliation can be ok, but too much makes for thinning skin...............and thinning skin is not good as the collagen depletes then collapses, leading to wrinkles and making scar tissue more pronounced.

Sebclair is good too for seb derm...............but, not as good as the Kerium. Jeez, am sounding like an ad' but after almost 4 decades of fighting, crying and spending a fortune soul searching, I wish I had been told NOW what I know NOW.

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