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Laser Resurfacing With Seb Derm Anyone?

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Hi all,

Has any seb derm sufferers ever had laser resurfacing? If so, how did the healing process go and what was the outcome like?

I am booked for an erbium yag laser resurfacing soon. Have suffered with acne since I was 12..............am 50 now. I also took severe chickenpox when I was 12 which left a lot of pockmarks on my cheeks and jawline. The acne has left me with lots of scars too as well as box and rolling scars. Then, after decades of trying every treatment available, I developed seb derm. I reckon it was a reaction to all the chemicals used over the years in various forms

I have managed to control this (see my other posts), but..............my skin still feels unstable.............like it could do anything at any time. Either way, I have had enough of being scar face and am willing to try the laser, but am concerned that my skin will not heal like it should. I feel like I'm about to play Russian Roulette.

Any thoughts, advice or reviews would be most welcome.

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No one????

Not anyone???

Well, I am day 4 post op. Have had 3 passes of er:yag in mid cheeks, 2 passes beyond that.........phasing into one pass on the outer rim. I now look like Pikachu. The weeping and crusting has been yucky.............but am holding up hope.

I went the whole hog and had my upper blephs done, brow lift, lower facelift/neck lift and fat grafting. Am keeping a personal photo diary for future reference. I also had stem cell treatment. I had 2 MASSIVE craters on my left cheek (as well as the rest of the map of the Moon)..............side by side, and was worried that the laser would turn them into one GRAND CANYON of a hole............but, but..............apparently, the stem cell treatment as well as the fat grafting, is supposed to help, along with the laser..............so fingers crossed that it kicks in in the next few months or so.

There is a lot of work involved, keeping the post op clean and moist with liquid paraffin Am up every 2 hours, day and night, cleaning and applying cream. Will keep you all posted...............if anyone actually cares????? I had some stitches removed today...............YAY!! but the ones behind my ears are still in place and feel like barbed wire Haven't slept in 5 days and look like the love child of Pikachu and Freddy Krugar

Remaining hopeful.

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Good luck with your treatment! hope it works! can u please explain more about the stem cell treatment...and was it stem cell fat grafting with the celution machine?

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Hi there wfac,

I'm not sure if the celution machine was used or not, though am guessing it likely was. The stem cell treatment was connected to the fat grafting.............and my surgeon is an apparent expert in this field and one of the top surgeons in the UK.

He had full understanding of all of my issues before commencing any procedure and as I am only 4 days post op, I haven't had a chance to fully discuss what he actually did, as I was off planet after the op. Lala Land...............you get the drift??

Fat was harvested from my leg and after all the procedures I had done.............my leg is the sorest part of me right now, although the rest doesn't feel too clever either. My major crater sites look different to the rest. Am guessing they have been incised and injected prior to the lasering. If there was a Halloween competition right now, I would win it hands down. Bleh and meh..............maaaaaan am I scary...................but remain hopeful.

Prior to treatment and without thick Lycogel camo makeup...........jeez, even with thick Lycogel camo makeup..............my skin resembled red orange peel, so any improvement will be appreciated. Am just hoping the redness from the laser fades..............and soon..............and that it smooths out a bit as I am all peeling and crusty, oooh and weeping............and that is clashing with my panda eyes.

Trust me on this one.................if it works, I will be the first to let you know :-)

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what is ur doctors name?? i'm quite sure it was the stem cell fat graft with the celution machine..its tough to undergo a procedure like that but it should def b worth it..get plenty of rest, eat healthy and drink plenty of water! :)

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what is ur doctors name?? i'm quite sure it was the stem cell fat graft with the celution machine..its tough to undergo a procedure like that but it should def b worth it..get plenty of rest, eat healthy and drink plenty of water!

If you PM me, I shall tell you my surgeon's name. I'm in the UK though, so don't know if this will help you.

Hope everything goes well .

Thank you Mr Tong Hope is all we have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,right? Acne is a curse. Isn't is ironic that curse is an anagram of cures? Acne is a big industry for the pharma giants. I have always been convinced that the cure is known..................but they keep it from us. It makes me mad to see so many products that I know are bad for us, marketed. And I know, I have fallen into their traps so many times.

Power, justice and healing to ALL. x

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I'm thinking of having the laser resurfacing myself & I'm really interested in how you're doing.

You're very brave. I'm terrified it will make things worse. I have such pale skin that nothing seems to work for it.

I really hope you're doing great & FEELING great! :)

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Thanking you all for your kind words

I am now 14 days post op. I still look like Pikachu. The left cheek is beginning to settle a wee bit, but my right cheek is still circled with demarcation and am beginning to feel concerned. I am still very swollen and bruised. I attempted to wear camo makeup at day 12, but it was a big disaster as it only highlighted my Malteser skin. Meh!!! Malteser skin still!!!! Am hoping that it's just the swelling that is making my pores to resemble orange peel now. I attempted to wear camo foundation today, at day 14, over green concealer, but ended up looking like a Halloween zombie, so washed it off and remained in hiding.

I read that emu oil helps the healing, so bought a bottle and am wearing that for now. Just hoping and wishing the swelling, bruising and redness will subside as I am missing the outside world immensely now.

Will keep you all posted!!!

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Did your doctor say how long it would be before the swelling receded & you could see the result of the op?

It could take many months for the redness to fade and the swelling to go down. My cheeks look like Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge and nothing is covering them. I look ridiculous and am confined to the house. My skin texture was bad enough before, but looks exactly like a chocolate-less naked Malteser now. It's a mass of holes.........like a sponge.

Am so hoping that someone will respond and say this is quite normal and my skin will transform into something that looks at least semi human.

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Contact your doctor. He'll be able to tell you if you're on track. If he's not helpful get a second opinion.

If you start to feel too confined at home & you don't want people to see your face before it heals, wear a hat with a lace veil that hugs the face. Like they wore in the 1950s. Wear it defiantly with anything, even jeans, & set a new trend.

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