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Aramis Laser Journey!

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Hello fellow acne sufferers! What a life it is, having acne has been a journey and has actually taught me some great life lessons such as: how to maintain a regimen, being on time, and dealing with emotional issues. So in one light I would like to thank my parents bad genetics and my own unhealthy lifestyle for doing this to me. It is only made me a stronger person, and has allowed me so see the positive side of life even though acne has been one of the hardest emotional traumas of my life.

With all that being said, I have Moderate to Severe cytic acne around the jawline, major scarring along my cheeks and forehead. I have tried about every cream (BP, SA, Trenoin Cream, Clyndmacin, etc...) and they all did nothing but flake my skin and aggrevate my acne only further. My dermatolgists did not hear my cry and continued to put me on antibiotics and other extremely drying creams only in higher doses (??? is what I thought).

So there came a point when I realized that I was not a healthy person, and if one is unhealthy that has to show on the outside, right? So I became Gluten free, Dairy free, and refined sugar (kinda free, not really but extremely redudced my intake). This has made me feel healthier and more alive but has done very little for my existing acne and acne scarring (been this way for 3 months and will continue for hopefully the rest of my life).

But I feel like I have learned all that I can from my Acne's Wrath (its firey red wrath) and am ready to move on to the next stage of my life. So I decided to dish out the 1600$ and do the aramis laser treatment plan. My skin type is very senstive BTW.

I will keep a log below so that if anyone is wondering about this treatment and has been through a similar journey as mine, then here you go.


I was a little nervous as to the pain level, but was pleasantly suprised to find out that it had a cooling tip on the end that numbs the skin, making the procedure virutally painless, even on the highest energy levels. My dermatologist used it on all my exisiting acne and scarring (she did not use in areas where I was clear, I've heard that can be very bad!). My face was minimally red after the treatment but went away immediatley.


I have seen no real improvement in my acne or acne scarring, I still get cysts on my neck.


I was ready to go! From what I hear, the second treatment is where you start to see the improvements, so I was ready to get in and get started, I was very tired so I took a slight snooze while she did the laser and felt minimal pain (sometimes I did when she did it on an inflammed cyst or active acne lesion).


It has been 2 days since the treatment and have seen minmal improvment, however two active acne lesions have started to flatten and reduce in redness (could be unrelated to the laser, because they popped on their own and I applied polysporin to the area)

That is where I am currently at, but I just wanted to let others know my experience so it could possible shape how you continue your journey.

I enjoy knowing that we here all suffer from this horrific disease (yes I think it is a disease), but we can make it through this together!

I will continue to post my analysis as I see fit.

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POST TREATMENT #2: It is the day before my treatment and I just wanted to say that I have seen little to no improvment yet sadly. But still believing that it will! Postive attitude is key in this buisness!

It is also of note that I have started a round of minocycline and clyndamacin + BP at night.

I hear that a couple weeks after treatment 2 is when you start to see improvment! So it should be any day now!!

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TREATMENT 3: Got my third treatment yesterday! My derm told me it looked like my cysts were drying out and that everything looks WAY less inflamed. Usually I bleed a lot during my treatments, but I only did once this time. She said this is a very good sign of reduced inflammation and that the healing process will start and I will be free from my cysts in a couple weeks (just the active ones, scarring/redness will take longer). But on a lighter note, this was the first treatment where my derm tried to talk to me, it was kinda awkward trying to talk to her about football teams and other life related stuff when she is pressing a laser onto my face, but I didn't wanna be rude so I struggled through... haha Back to a serious note, this time she only did one pass on my face, and a second on the troubled areas (which were FAR fewer this week)

I am feeling good about this!

I will also note all medications supplements I am taking at the current moment below:

Minocyclin (200mg a day)

Probiotics (to help with antiobitoics negative side effects)

Zinc Citrate (30mg a day)

Clyndamacin/Benzoyl Peroxide gel (1%,5% at night)

OVERALL IMPROVEMENT TO DATE: 25% (less inflammed is the biggest improvement, still red but not as bumpy)

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Hey! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it's starting to work for you. Is isotretinoin off the table for you?

Do you think your acne gets better when the Packers win? GO PACK!

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Hey! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it's starting to work for you. Is isotretinoin off the table for you?

Do you think your acne gets better when the Packers win? GO PACK!

Thanks for taking the time to read! Accutane is my last resort, if I do not see results from the laser then I will take a go at accutane, but I think I'm gonna be alright!

Well it certainly doesn't get worse ;) Go Pack Go!

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aramis laser, exactly what is it? is it a PDL treatment or IPL?

glad it's working, fingers crossed for you!!

It is a long wavelength laser.

"The Aramis laser targets oil glands and kills the bacteria that causes acne."

My derm says she uses it mainly for moderate acne, but can help severe acne (I have severe acne).

It also heats up the collagen and can HELP with scarring (will not solve, but will help), since I have a lot of scarring and active acne lesions, it is a win win!

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POST TREATMENT 3: Still have acne, UGH, it is a little frustrating not seeing results as fast as we all want. But that is part of the game, patience is key and I just need to remain patient. I am actually suprised to find out that I have gotten two new cysts on my face, one on the bottom of my left cheek, and the other on my right cheek. Very bizarre considering I am taking Minocylcine 200mg a day. But I hope they will heal fast.

I would like to mention that my dermatologists aramis laser broke and she has to get it fixed, so my last treatment is being delayed two weeks, so I am going in two thursdays from now for my 4th and last treatment. She has told me that it will not effect the effectiveness of treatment. I hope she is right and not just trying to save her a$$. LOL

But the Fight shall continue, I WILL NEVER QUIT. **** you Acne!

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