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I have now been 99% clear for three months! I had tried benzol peroxide many times before but had never stuck with it longer than a month due to severe dry skin and breakouts. This time I decided to give it a good go and it worked! Before this I had tried everything from antibiotics to Accutane a number of times, none had worked for long if at all.

Please note that I have had acne for over 10 years and it has been a constant battle, I am not a young teen that has the odd breakout and finally grew out of it. I at many times had very bad cystic acne (not in these before photos), these cysts would last up to 6 months and were very deep and painful.

Anyway this is my simple routine:

morning and night - wash face (I used anything I had, nothing special), moisturise then I used a thick layer of benzac 5%.

I put so much Benzac on it needed a long time to dry! I didn't rub it in I just put a thick layer on and let it dry. It took 8 weeks of this before I noticed my skin clearing, you must stick with it!! Yes I got the dry skin but after that 8 weeks I have not had dry skin since!

I have been using the Benzac 6 months now and I am too scared to stop! It has been amazing, so happy with the results.





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How does this product compare to the Panoxyl 5% and 10% BPO cleansing bars, I wonder?

When I had greasy red papules, it really responded well to Panoxyl- til the dry skin.

Your skin definitely adjusted to that kind of harsh medicine well! If you stop, I'd wean off very slowly so your oil production can balance in time with the absence of the drying. Every week, use a little less.

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