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Acne Is Back! My Story, Post Accutane. Help! :(

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Hello :( I really nead some moral support!

So, i am a 15 year old girl. I have acne from when i was maby like 11 but it go worse and

worse so more or less a year ago my parents took be t the dermatologist.

I was really hoping he would start me off with accutane from the beggining cause i was

nearly sure it was going to be the only thing that would work, in the last few years i had tried

several creams&co and nothing had ANY effect on my spots.

But like you all know a derm cant give you accutane just like that, so he started with giving me

a 'cream', and like i knew did no effect at all. After a coupple of moths of this i was hoping i would finally

get my accutane but no. He poot me on an antibiotic that, if i have to bee sincere actually worked

for the time that i was on it (like a month). But an other month passed before i went to the derm and

in that moth i got compleatly COVERED in spots. Bye that time i was really mad and i actually had

a histerical breakout at the doctors (ehehe.) He sayd that even if my acne was not sooo sever (i never had cyst or anyting) he would poot me on accutane only cause acne was having bad influence on my life.

I was like so happy! He poot me on 20 mg a day, and im around 60 kg so to me it seemed a little low but

i thought better than nothing. The first two moths by acne was kind of clearig but i still got breakouts, and i was kinda annoyed..there had been not one single day without a brakeout. So when we went back in March he poot me up to 30 mg, the situation got a little better but to be sincere for all the time i was on accutane i stll got little pimples, never ALL clear. But, after other two months on 30 mg the summer came and i had to stop. So, only when i stopped the accutane on the first moth I was totally clear for the first time in years!

The problem was that i was fool of red marks and really worried about them..but even after a month of being 'ok' little pimples started coming back..and slowly slowly they came back and now it's sptember and i'm fool of spots again. I'm going to the derm next week and i don't know what i should ask him for..pleas any advice? I am so sad..i thought at least this would work :(

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Clearly you were underdosed. It's not the mg per months but the overall cumulative dose that counts. Keep in mind though that you are stilll in the 'hormal' phase of acne so taking accutane now may not keep it from returning. Have you tried diet changes at all (sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't but its worth a shot). Try not to get to stay discouraged as acne at 15 is the norm (at my age - its a totally different matter).

Good Luck hun

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As leelowe said, you were under dosed. You didn't reach the accumulative dose,and that's the main objective in a Accutane treatment.

Also,i agree with her that 15 is the golden age for acne. You should be worried if severe acne pop ups from nowhere at your 18's (like me).

pd: With all respect,you look like a model,don't worry that much because you are really pretty

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