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Post Accutane / 2 Months

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ive took accutane for 4 months, 40mg, im 62 kg.

i currently have 0 acne and havent had since i stopped accutane. got small pimples after but dissapeared after few days.
now havent go since a good month.

tho, ill get some little red spots on my nose always, they seem to disappear fast but new ones always appear, they barely noticeable.
its the same thing with between my eyebrown.

i also still got some redmarks from old people, any good way to treat it ? mask or anything ?

i still flush sometime really bad when im stressed which i hate but its better then having acne.

i currently use neutrogena oil free spf 15 and always used that.

but i found that it leave my skin a bit greasy.. never broke out with it.

i would love to find a moisturizer that dont leave my skin oily...... ?

thank you !

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I'm also looking for something to help with little bumps and redness.
I've been off accutane for 2 months as well. And it's been great (except a little red pimple appearing on my cheek yesterday).

I'm too scared to try facials or masks (even natural ones) in case it causes a reaction to my sensitive skin, so if anyone has any advice, i'd also like to hear it :)

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Hi, I've recently finished accutane too. I finished last week, but I have these tiny little bumps on my forehead, not sure if these are "closed comedones" or something to do with the skin being so dry, you don't happen to have these do you? I also seem to flush, it's pretty annoying.. I use "Simple" moisturiser, doesn't seem to leave my skin oily.

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I would suggest you try The Regimen from this website. It's been a miracle for me since after stopping Accutane. Accutane wasn't the cure all for me, but with topicals from The Regimen I'm now 100% clear 100% of the time. I actually wish I never took Accutane, since it's done more bad than good.

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i did the regimen before like all my life lol it was ok never got me clear.

still getin bumps betwen eyebrowns and small pimples on nose under eyes, this is like recurrent, so annoying, im considering using a gently toner alcohol free, ive heard it does good for the pore, i have lot of blackheads on nose also.

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i am 3.5 months into accutane at 20mg.. a few times I have contemplated stopping recently.. my skin is clear now apart from some trapped pores... a few have become inflamed and i have stupidly popped them... now they have left red patches... how long do those red marks take to fade?

in terms of small bumps i have about 14 on my forehead and one noticeable one on my left cheek. I dont know how the matter that is under the skin there will ever come out...

I am using cetaphil products and they have been great so far.

any tips of advice for me are welcome.

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just let the course run matte, i did 4 months with 40mg, 20mg seem ultra low tho, i hadnt really a lot of acnes to begin with, just persistent and i asked for 10-20mg at first and derm said thats way too low, dropped me on 40 mg im now 3 months post accutane. i only got 100 % clear 1-2 weeks after my course

still occasionally have some small breakout ! but rarely, i only get them if i drink a lot / eat bad / and get few nights of staying really late.

i got a really big pimple red like 2 weeks ago but it faded, that was my only big one i got after accutane.

i still flush sometime cause of accutane, which is really annoying but slowly going away too, drink lot of cold water.

i use cetaphil at night / witch hazel ( nose and forehead) then bit of bp if i see anything coming . moisturize only certain parts of my face.
in the morning i only take shower, no cleanse, then use witch hazel on forehead / nose ( i get blackheads there and small bumps ) and use moisturizer.

up to date im pretty good with that.

i was in ny for a few days and i seem to have broken out smally there, little pimples went away when i got home, maybe air pollution and my skin is super sensitive i guess. i drank a lot the days here too also. and didnt sleep much haha so maybe is that

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