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Vitamin C Is A Hormone And It Is Clearing My Cystic Acne

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So I spent 30 minutes typing my first post and it erased. Smh. But story is.... I have cystic acne on chin and irritated acne along jawline. I did research on tretinoin and bought it. It cleared up my cystic acne on my cheeks. I still have tiny comedone acne there which I've been gradually extracting as much as I can. It has been working. However I will try to find a professional to extract the rest. As for my chin and jawline I have been researching and found out that cystic acne on chin could be due to hormones and so can jawline acne. I came to conclusions to taking supplements like evening primrose oil, maca, and vitamin d. Which all are supposed to balance hormones. I slowly started taking them saw no results. Recently I did research showing u can take a great amount of vitamin d if you have a deficiency and still be at a healthy amount without "overdosing " on it. So I started taking evening primrose and vitamin 3 more. About 10 to 15 a day for about 4 days. Today I woke up noticed my cystic acne on my chin is pretty much gone. I have come to the solution that hormones is what caused my cystic acne. Especially seeing that I do have other "female issues". So cystic acne almost gone. As for bumps on jawline. I would get them all the time 2 and 3 at a time and they would itch so bad. Anyway.. I don't get those AT ALL they have completely stopped surfacing!! 100 percent. However I still get like a itching sensation around certain areas on jawline as if acne is about to surface but the acne never surfaces. Weird. I'll do research on that too. But I'll start posting pictures. Also on my chin where cysts are disappearing, i am using tretinoin gel 1% only on chin. Due to excessive peeling I only place it there to try to help tiny acne bumps and scarring. I only apply on chin so I only deal with my chin peeling and not my whole face. Tretinoin causes skin to exfoliate at a fast rate causing it to peel. Anyway I am using it to help with the tiny comedone acne on my chin and my scarring. Here is a picture of today 9/10/14 .with makeup though.. I'll keep posts updated with new pictures. Including no makeup. Anyway maybe do your research and hormones may be problem causing cystic acne or any acne. Vitamin d seems to be awesome.



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Do you mean Vitamin D is a hormone and is clearing your acne? I think you mean D not C in your title?

D has been talked about as being a hormone in my research.

Interesting you mention Vitamin D and Evening Primrose in your post. I take a product called the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack by innate skin and it has both of those in it, it has done wonders for my skin.

Keep the pics coming, but without makeup!!!

Vitamin D is awesome.

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